Saputo, the dairy company that owns the cheese, will re-launch the product as Cheer in July after six months of deliberating over a new name.

“The name Cheer means pleasure and joy,” said Saputo’s managing director Lino Saputo. “It’s nice when you take a picture, say cheese, and when you give a toast, say cheers.”

“We took some time to think about this. We wanted to do the right due diligence and we consulted with various focus groups. We narrowed them down to three to five names. Consumers felt that was the right reflection of that what we bring. ” Familys.

The move, which follows a series of renaming for other popular products, came after decades of efforts to rename Coon Cheese, including an unsuccessful complaint from indigenous activist Stephen Hagan to the Australian Human Rights Commission in 1999

The brand, first sold in 1935, had long resisted requests for change and defended its historical origins of being named after the American cheese maker Edward William Coon, who patented a cheese ripening process.

“It has been a long process since we were first approached by some consumer activists about the connotation of the previous name, which we thought long and hard about,” said Saputo

“When we acquired the business from Lion’s Everyday Cheese Platform in 2015, we understood their idea behind the previous name, which was previously re-linked by the previous owners.

“When you think about the controversy, especially in the recent past, the past 12 to 18 months, consumers are much more sensitive to so many things in our society.

“We thought it was a responsible thing to remove bad feelings about the previous brand.”

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