More practical and more secure, the new identity card will arrive from this Monday, May 31 in Alsace and in the Grand Est. She was experimenting in several departments. You can do your first application or renewal procedures today.

The new identity card arrives in Alsace and in the Grand Est, from this Monday, May 31. They have a new format and they are more secure to fight against identity theft.

Starting today, if you want to take the necessary steps for a request or a renewal, you can do so. The terms do not change, you have to get closer to your town halls.

This new identity card is much smaller than the old one, it is a bank card size and therefore much more practical to slip it into the wallet. There are also several new symbols above: the French flag, the Marianne and the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen of 1789.

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It is also suitable for visually impaired people, with elements in relief. Children who are in joint custody may have the addresses of both parents on the back of their identity card.

It is also more secure, with the integration of nanotechnologies, it is equipped with an engraved electronic chip to better protect against identity theft. It is valid for 10 years.

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