Today is the official launch of the broadcast of Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 6 on W9! Viewers will be able to reunite with families from the rest of the world as well as the Marseillais, competing to win the cup. The leader of the Marseille family, Julien Tanti, recently spoke about his adventure. He notably shared his feelings about the new family from the Rest of the World. As a reminder, all of its members trained together on Objectif Reste du Monde, which ended a few days ago. Enough to make the Marseillais tremble! Obviously, the impatience to discover the first images of the cross is great on the side of the fans of the program. Especially since brother Julien balanced the highlights to come on the show! It was in an interview for the newspaper 20 Minutes that the Marseillais revealed some problems between candidates … We let you discover that in the second paragraph.

We therefore report here what Julien said about the good stories of the adventure: “It is first of all the return of Paga and Adixia in the same house. All the people who follow the Marseillais have looked into that. Then Julien Bert arrives as a bachelor (laughs). You have a grudge between Greg and Maeva that should not be forgotten. Behind, we know that there is Melanie, Greg’s ex, who is there so it’s going to be a bit hot. And of course, a big game of problems in the middle of it all ”. What make you want to watch this sixth season of cross country! Julien does not quote it, but the show begins with a huge clash between the best enemies Maeva Ghennam and Milla Jasmine! So it’s really a season full of twists and turns …

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