There are rumors from the halls that there is water in the gas between Giuseppa and Paga! The young woman has just decided to speak after the shooting of the Marseillais. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

This year in Marseille vs the rest of the world, everyone expected the Pagadix to come back. Even Adixia did everything to win back her ex.

But now, Greg’s best friend has set his sights on the new Giuseppa. No matter the age difference, or the fact that her ex Simon was in the villa, Paga did everything to charm her.

And he succeeded! Giuseppa therefore revealed that she had never loved so much in her whole life. As soon as filming ended, the two lovebirds spent a lot of time alone. They even moved in together.

Moreover ! They adopted a little dog. The two lovebirds seem happier than ever. But now, things have changed after the shooting of the Marseillais. Paga is rumored to have become closer to another young lady.

According to blogger Shayara, this would have triggered the arrival of Giuseppa. The couple have explained themselves, and obviously things are going better between them.

Indeed, they were seen together at Charles de Gaulle airport. So does that mean they’re still a couple?

Giuseppa decided to say more about his Snapchat account. And for good reason ! She is finding it increasingly difficult to endure user comments. Some find her tired, even emaciated since being with Paga.

The pretty brunette first told her followers that she hasn’t been in great shape for several days. She has even seen a doctor since her massive weight loss.

She reassured her fans, however, that Paga had nothing to do with it: “I have never been happier in my life. I am living the happiest days and the happiest months of my life. “

“My darling takes care of me and he’s the one that makes me look the most. He takes me as high as possible. I have never had such a caring person around me who wishes me everything. “

The candidate of the Marseillais ensures that her couple is doing wonderfully: “In my relationship, everything is going very well. Paga is kind to me and I’ve never experienced that. You cannot imagine, I am a real princess. ”

“He knows very well that I’m having an extremely difficult time right now. It’s true that I don’t say it on my networks right now, but I’m not well. “

But then what is the reason for his discomfort? The young woman did not want to say more yet. One thing is certain, she can always count on her Marseillais, in the best, as in the worst!

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