No, it’s not a piano! Yes, it’s a piano. And tables, solid wood cabinets and even chairs. Rodriguez can’t eat in the living room anymore, “at least” Susana can run on the treadmill so she can prepare for the next triathlon event at the Paralympic Games on Saturday August 28th. from Tokyo .. In Vigo, in the north-west of Spain, the family home is no longer a house, but a fitness club, or a sort of mini gym, as the rowers squat on the floor. balcony, “We are also home trainers, aluminum exercise bikes. “It’s not ideal to move everything, but The Athlete apologizes. But I can’t help it. Otherwise, you will not be able to train. “Is that it?” There is something you need to know “About Susana Rodriguez: The 33-year-old Spanish champion is born blind due to albinism and optic neuropathy.

She’s willing to talk about her disability, but we need to alleviate it. because ‘“There is always something more serious”, She relaxes with a more learned tone. Yes, because Susana Rodriguez is also a doctor. Atypical profile-just for the game-he won the honor of the procedure next Find Lille in one of the famous magazines, Leomessi, Barack Obama, or Grete Thamberg temps, Mid-July. “At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of patients increased, but Olympic and Paralympic officials were unsure whether they would postpone the Games. She remembers .. It was a pretty strange change. I didn’t see him fly to Tokyo, let go of his colleagues and work. ”

Mamá: Mira q el deporte es sacrificado (cuando llevo 57 minutes ‍♀️). Susie: auntenter asahora? Mom: cadavez medoymá scuentax qenlas carreras no se ve tanto el sufrir .. .. # athlete # doctor Pararelajarse des pés de trabajarcon 1 anestesista al lado todo es tranquilidad!

Not the type of house. Therefore, she wears a lab coat, wears a headset and receives calls from coronavirus patients or those who are thinking about it at the two affected hospitals in Santiago de Compostela.

An average of about 40 calls per day, adjusted for severity. People at the end of the line “I’m worried”, “I’m in pain, but I don’t know what I have” and “I’m afraid of dying because I am in contact with someone who is sick.” “I tried to reassure myself as much as I could. I was nervous and tired at night. ” But in the evening, she still has to train for the tournament. Minister’s schedule, reduction in the number of entrances and cupboards: Wake up at 6 a.m., arrive at the hospital at 8 a.m., leave the hospital at 3 p.m., return to Vigo at 3:30 p.m., arrive in Vigo at 4:30 p.m. To do. Mini nap, start of the session ends at 5.15 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. “Swim, run, pedal. Swim, run, pedal. Swim, run, pedal. Etc. “, She laughs.

“I never told my colleagues at the hospital about the tournament because I thought it was not the right time. Have you ever seen the health of Spain? “

Sometimes a colleague kindly offers to drop her in the car to save her time. After all, the minutes saved on 20 hours of weekly preparation are no small feat. In one week, Susana Rodriguez runs 40-50 km, pedals 250 km and swims 25 km (equivalent to 1000 lengths in a 25 m municipal swimming pool). Before leaving for Japan, she still finds time and energy to test resistance at altitude, bypassing the Sierra Nevada mountains (3500m) in Andalusia.

The paratriathlon world champion throws a lap time (1 hour 10 min 27 s Surprise his co-workers, starting with one of his coaches, Luis Pinha) (at the last World Cup in June). “I’ve been with her since 2013 and she’s always there on time and without being late. he said brilliantly. How many people have given up on his behalf? However, Susana did not cancel the session, even during the pandemic. She shows incredible resilience. I don’t know where she finds that strength, I must say. “

Her sister Patricia said she was 2 years older and couldn’t “Don’t do half of what she does.” “When we were teenagers it wasn’t always easy. I realized she didn’t understand. I remember this math teacher. Some of his friends have left them. They went to see the movie without telling him. They were doing what she couldn’t. It’s painful to see her put aside like that, but Susana never complained! ”

“Habit… Cut Susana Rodriguez. You know, I’ve been compared to a monkey before. They said I was like Copito de Nieve [“Snowflake”, in French] Named after the famous albino gorilla who lived at the Barcelona Zoo. ” weak. “I think it’s mostly a lack of information. On the street, some parents explain what I have to their children and others do not. That’s a shame ! I’m not hurting anyone. ”

“People can be cruel. I still sometimes hear comments on the street. Yeah, just because I can’t see what I can’t hear!

One of the times Can it ever change the way we think about albinism? Susana Rodriguez and her relatives hope so. When her face of Oparin appeared in a newsstand in her area, her sister took it upon herself to explain a famous photo to her: “Black and white, triathlon suit, stethoscope she uses as a doctor around her neck. ” She is silent: “I think I was as impressed as she was.”

Susana Rodriguez (@SuRGAcio): Paralympic triathlete at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in Spain

The family is then in a hurry to make a tour of the newspaper vendors. Susana Rodriguez found four copies. Some of her sisters and a friend from Vigo want to start a magazine. The patient contacts her on social networks to congratulate her and make her a wish. “Good luck in Tokyo”.

at the Odaiba Travel Base, French Léonie Perio, Dorian Coninx, Cassandre Beaugrand, Vincent LouisSusana Rodriguez hopes to steal bronze in a mixed relay at the end of July “I will do better than the 5th place I won in Rio in 2016.” She swam 750 meters, cycled 20 km and ran 5 km to get there, and after moving the mountains, it’s time to (re) move the furniture: once you get home to her home in Galicia, she promised to resume his stay to normal …

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