Some games have the gift of being desired. Some do it for several years, and the result sometimes does not live up to the disproportionate expectations of the players. This was the case with games like Shenmue III or to a lesser extent, Final Fantasy XV. It is difficult to know if God of War: Ragnarök will be among the best PS5 games, but the question is not there. The game finally unveiled some gameplay footage during the PlayStation Showcase. And the game is already very, very envious.

This first trailer for God of War: Ragnarôk is really mouth-watering. We finally see Kratos playing his ax on the heads of the various enemies of the game. Atreus also seems much more mature and the action still seems as exhilarating as in God of War on PS4. The cast of characters already makes us want to be at the time of release. In a very short time, the PS5 shows all its power. Effects explode onscreen as Kratos’ hit set seems to have widened further.

Unfortunately, neither a date nor a release window has been revealed, but fans are arguably already very happy to have been able to see such long minutes of gameplay from the most anticipated PlayStation exclusive to date. You can watch this wonderful trailer again in the video below. Or find out why the first installment is one of the most beautiful games on PS4.