It was announced, the hail fell in a very localized way in several municipalities of the center-Var. What arouse the reactions of Internet users, who do not hesitate to immortalize the moment. Caution is still required.

The first rains fell early Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by very localized hailstorms, especially in the municipalities of Pignans, Carnoules, Pourrières, or even Mons.

Caution is required, as traffic is very disturbed in Pignans and in the Carnoules sector, due to accumulations of water on the roads.

The Department’s teams are on site to check the state of the departmental network in the area as well as on the roads previously closed in the context of the Gonfaron-Grimaud fire.

Traffic in the town of Pignans is totally prohibited. Do not take your vehicle. The SDIS sends reinforcements and the forest sappers are in place. Crisis unit: 04 94 13 54 The Berthoire complex is open for evacuees

⛈ A thunderstorm poured over 100 mm of rain and hail on Pignans in the Var this afternoon, flooding several districts of the town! (© Safran De Pignans)

VIDEO: A hailstorm hit several towns in the center of Var on Tuesday afternoon. On the Pignans side, the accumulations of water on the roads caused flooding.


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