In a memo sent on August 13, Ladislas Polski, the MRC mayor of La Trinité, announced the introduction of the health pass for municipal officials in his commune, as of Monday. Those who will not be able to present one risk a layoff, with suspension of their wages. Reactions.

The mayor of La Trinité persists and signs. Yesterday afternoon, Ladislas Polski published a series of tweets to affirm that he will indeed ask municipal officials in his commune to present a valid health pass, from Monday.

As we specify, the controls will not really be carried out until September 20, so as not to penalize the last vaccinated.

To apply the law that applies to public officials to @VilleLaTrinite, we have opted for the principle of equity by proposing the application of the #PasseSanitaire to all municipal officials without distinction.

The mayor labeled MRC (Republican and Citizen Movement) ensures that he has met with the chief of staff of the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes. This, “so that the state services accompany us in the application of the law to the constraints of a municipality like La Trinité,” he tweeted.

A decision which is none other than an “excess of macronist zeal”, according to Virginie Escalier, city councilor of the popular right-wing opposition / national rally. According to her, Trinitarian municipal workers feel threatened and go for the vaccination for fear of being laid off.

“Neither the Social and Economic Committee (ex-CHSCT), nor the political opposition were consulted,” she adds, saying she is ready to support employees challenging this decision before administrative justice. “Another effect. of the mayor’s announcement to make people talk about him, “tweeted Annick Meynard, opposition counselor Les Républicains.

A promising start to the school year in La Trinité: yet another announcement from the mayor to make people talk about him

“He forgets the limits of his decision-making perimeter,” adds Isabelle Martello, on Facebook, from the same party.

On the union side, the CGT and FO also said they were opposed to the introduction of the health pass for all municipal officials.


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