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Less than a week after the mayor of Davao City, Sara Duterte, who has announced that she will not run for the presidential race next year, her supporters will start a citizens’ movement on Monday September 13th asking them to reconsider.

In one Press release issued by the Viber group of former Hugpong ng Pagbabago governor Anthony del Rosario of Davao Del Norte was de described the HPS as a “confluence of sector organizations and affected individuals” who have come together to convince the presidential daughter to take up the presidency next year.

Currently, the chairwoman of the HNP, Mayor Duterte, announced on Thursday that that she will no longer run for president as her father has already announced his application for vice presidency.

“We will continue the HPS launch despite Mayor Sara’s recent announcement that she will not run for president because we still believe she is best qualified to lead our nation for the next six years, “said HPS spokesman and Bagong Henerasyon partylist said Rep Bernadette Herrera.

While the HPS claims she is to The group remained optimistic about Mayor Duterte’s decision not to run for president ch that she will change her mind.

“We share a common goal – to bring about real and lasting change for the country. We believe Mayor Sara is the perfect person with her personality and her confident but calm and reserved Pero Palaban (but a fighter and sincere concern for the country), ”said Herrera.

Del Rosario, General Secretary of the HNP, stated: “Mayor Sara’s reluctance to run means she has judgment. It shows that she is not a political opportunist. “

” She has always shown a gentle heart for her constituents, especially the common people, and that is invaluable to many Filipinos. A style of government that is characterized by strong political will and a thoughtful spirit that many of our citizens believe is what the country needs, ”said the former governor.

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