– Franck Riester, Minister Delegate to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness.

While deconfinement continues, here is the full interview given by the Minister of Culture to Paris Match in mid-May.

When reality goes faster than TV … While they are barely seducing each other in Objectif Reste du monde currently broadcast on W9, Illan and Adixia have already announced their separation on social networks.

Catherine Frot was on the set of Laurent Ruquier’s show in On est en direct this Saturday, May 29. The actress came to present the film in which she is currently showing, Under the stars of Paris. Many Internet users have expressed themselves on the physique of the actress, which they had difficulty in recognizing.

In a new interview, journalist Anne Sinclair confides in the many twists she has experienced in recent years. She makes rare confidences about her life as a mother.

A burning container ship threatens the coast of Sri Lanka with catastrophic pollution. In addition to the oil on board the ship, a cargo of plastic began to spill into the ocean.

The guest of 50mn Inside this Saturday May 29th was Patrick Bruel. While he hosted the show alongside Nikos Aliagas, the singer admitted to being disconcerted by the host’s task, which is not an easy task …

The role of stay-at-home mom is often discredited. But Melissa and Arran decided that the young woman should be paid to take care of their family. A good idea … in theory.

Hillary Vanderosieren will soon become a mother for the second time. On Instagram, this Sunday, May 30, the Moms and Famous candidate unveiled a nice family photo to announce the news.

ASSAULT – The author of the stab (s) fled this Sunday morning from an Intermarché in Grenoble

The former special forces battalion commander, Assimi Goïta, was declared transitional president of Mali by the Constitutional Court on Friday, a few days after leading a second coup against civil power. The Malian Constitutional Court declared, Friday, May 28, Colonel Assimi Goïta head of state and transitional president of the country, completing the second coup d’état led by the officer and the military in nine months. days, Colonel Assimi Goïta takes the head of this country plunged in turmoil, nine months after having overthrown with other colonels the president-elect Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. Four days earlier, he had dismissed President Bah Ndaw and the Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, civil surety for the transition opened after the 2020 putsch, supposed to bring civilians back to power in early 2022. The former special forces battalion commander, who hardly ever gives up his uniform and his green beret, will occupy these functions until the end of the transition, says the ruling of the Constitutional Court. He thus challenges the partners of this crucial country for the stability of the Sahel, faced in particular with the spread of jihadis. The West African heads of state, gathered at an extraordinary summit, will look into the situation in Mali on Sunday, with the possibility of sanctions. France and the United States, militarily engaged in the Sahel, have brandished the threat of sanctions. In a judgment released Friday, the Constitutional Court notes “the vacancy of the transitional presidency” due to the resignation of President Bah Ndaw. The judgment stipulates that consequently the vice-president, Colonel Goïta, “exercises the functions, attributes and prerogatives of president of the transition to lead the transition process to its conclusion”, and that he will carry “the title of president of the transition, head of state. “Colonel Goïta had President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane arrested on Monday. He then announced that he had dismissed them from their posts, accusing them of having formed a new government without consulting him when he was vice-president in charge of defense and security issues. was then presented as a resignation. The two men have since been released but have not spoken publicly.Before his appointment as Head of State, Colonel Goïta, usually not very talkative, spoke to representatives of the political world and civil society, without say nothing about the project he was already on loan to take control. In an apparent effort to mobilize domestic support in the face of international pressure, he had said his intention to form a government around a collective that he and the colonels had nevertheless worked to marginalize during the first months of the transition. >> To read on France 24: Political crisis in Mali: the delicate question of international sanctions “We ask (…) that the post of Prime Minister returns to the M5-RFP “, the collective which in 2020 led months of protest ended by the August coup, he said.” In the days to come, the Prime Minister who will be appointed will have the task of leading a large e consultation between the different groups (…) with a view to setting up a government of consensus and inclusiveness, “he added. Several M5-RFP officials have accepted the outstretched hand.” This is ours. went straight to the heart “, said Choguel Kokalla Maïga, one of the thinking heads of the collective, several times minister since 2002 and more and more expected to lead the government.” We are fed up “” I say it officially, the name given (for the post of Prime Minister) is that of Choguel Maïga, “a spokesperson for the movement, Jeamille Bittar, told the press. Several hundred Malians demonstrated in the afternoon in Bamako their support for the colonels. and, for many of them, their hostility towards France, demanding the commitment of Russia. “We are fed up. The leaders, they do anything. We want the French to leave and Russia to arrive, “said Adama Dicko, in his thirties, surrounded by demonstrators bearing countless portraits of the colonels, a large Russian flag and anti-French signs. >> Read on France 24 : Political crisis in Mali: young Malians in France express their disillusionment In an economically drained country, the sanctions of the Community of West African States after the 2020 putsch had been very badly felt by the population. widely discussed, with questions about their effectiveness.Different voices are raised to note the difference in treatment between Mali and another Sahelian country, Chad, where a Transitional Military Council (CMT) of 15 generals took power on April 20 after the death of Idriss Déby Itno, headed by one of the former president’s sons.

An old blog post resurfaces at a particularly inconvenient time for Meghan Markle. This article would contradict his claims to Oprah Winfrey.

This is the event in Bercy this Saturday, May 29: Indochine will play in front of 5,000 people during a test concert at the Accor Arena. The frontman of the group, Nicola Sirkis, reveals what almost pushed him to withdraw from the experience.

Maxine is one of the three finalists of Koh-Lanta, The Secret Weapons. Following her qualification, the young woman did not only reap praise. The latter responds to her detractors in the story of her Instagram account.

It’s a big blow for Angelina Jolie. After losing the legal battle against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, she does not hide her great disappointment.

This Sunday, May 30, TFX is broadcasting Colombiana. An action thriller in which the blue-skinned princess of Avatar is the unvarnished, muscular heroine of this action flick. Back to the shoot …

INVESTIGATION – The heavily armed man on the run, and still wanted around the Lardin Saint-Lazare, had already been sentenced four times for violence against his ex-partner

This Saturday, May 29, Sophie Davant was the guest of Jade and Eric Dussart on the set of On remake la TV. This was an opportunity for the host to speak out once again on the many criticisms she has been subjected to on social media.

SEOUL (Reuters) – Orphans, soldiers and students – some of whom appear to be children – “volunteer” to do manual labor in North Korea, including in coal mines, farms and large construction projects. construction, state media report. Hundreds of orphan school graduates “volunteered to work in difficult fields,” according to reports by the state-run KCNA news agency.

Tonight on Arte is broadcast the film Papillon (1973) with Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen in the title role, that of Henri Charrière alias Papillon. Discover the true story of this former convict who inspired cinema.

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