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In a memorandum signed by Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba on May 28, Dunuan was given 48 hours to post it on social media viral video and the images showing their active participation in a gathering where they were seen dancing and surrounded by people who were not observing social distancing.

He noted that some of the participants, including the mayor, did not even wear face masks.

Mamba said the event was “an obvious violation of the IATF Omnibus Guidelines for Implementing Community Quarantine”. The Governor of Cagayan noted that the Mayor continued to allow the social gathering despite knowing it is forbidden, as Cagayan, including Baggao, is currently under modified extended community quarantine status due to the increasing number of active COVID-19 cases ( MECQ).

According to Mamba, as officials and leaders they are expected to be role models for their constituents.

“As officials, it is our duty to always set an example to our constituents so that they can follow our advice and follow paths. If we are the very ones who are breaking the rules and regulations imposed during this time of the pandemic, we cannot expect them to strictly follow the protocols to defeat our long and serious fight against the COVID-19 virus, ”Mamba quoted in im Memorandum.

However, in a phone interview on Sunday, Dunuan said she had not yet received the memorandum from Mamba, adding that the photos and videos in question were taken during “People’s Day” last year in a coastal area in Sta. Margarita here.

“I didn’t receive the memo and this video was recorded last year. I made it easy for sweat, so I removed my face mask), “said Dunuan.

This city is second only to Tuguegarao City with the most active cases of COVID-19, after the Cagayan Provincial Information Bureau on April 28th May 173 cases were registered.

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