While student associations demanded the renewal of the 3-franc meal offer, the Geneva state offered a compromise. A “Green Fork” meal will be available for 5 francs from December 6 at UNIGE and HES-SO Geneva, reports the Tribune de Genève.

The Council of State made the announcement on Wednesday, following a motion by Socialist Jennifer Conti. One plate per day and per student will be subsidized up to 3.90 francs. The elected PS said she was satisfied: “This is very good news for the students of the University and the UAS. It’s not the 3-franc offer, but it’s a good compromise! ” she rejoices in the columns of the Tribune de Genève.

In order to finance these potential 25,000 meals (until September 2022), 975,000 francs of additional credit has been granted to the University …

Ref: https://laminute.info