Company Le Gard et l’Hérault in vigilance orange storms, rain and flood

PRECIPITATION A rainstorm event requiring special vigilance is expected in the two departments this morning

Météo-France placed the two departments in the south of the country on orange vigilance this Tuesday morning. It is
the Hérault and
Gard where thunderstorms are expected in the morning. These thunderstorms can be violent and not very mobile.

They will be accompanied by rain and can give 80 to 100 mm, or even more, in a short time. The orange alert is therefore also for flooding. Météo-France specifies, however, that “not all of the two departments are affected by this episode, which should remain localized”. In fact, thunderstorm activity is very marked in the Massif Central, particularly in the Cévennes, but also in the lower Rhône valley which also experiences good thunderstorm rains.

Météo-France reminds that in the event of orange thunderstorm vigilance, it is advisable to move away from trees and waterways, to take shelter in a solid building, to avoid moving or using your vehicle. telephone and electrical appliances.

Strong gusts of wind, hail and marked electrical activity are also expected. The thunderstorm activity will subside during the afternoon.

09/07/21 | THERMOMETER



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