Surreal scene in Detroit, where ghosts from 17 years ago have resurfaced at Little Caesars Arena.

We are at the start of the third quarter. The Pistons led by ten points and, on the line, the hot Jerami Grant converted the second of two free throws. When suddenly the situation escalates.

Stuck in the rebound fight between LeBron James and DeAndre Jordan, Isaiah Stewart takes a seemingly benign blow from “LBJ”. Except that the images quickly make us understand the opposite, since “Stew” begins to bleed profusely in the area of ​​the right arch. Stupor in the room, no one really knows what’s going on.

After an explanation of text between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart in the center of the floor, which the other players of both teams quickly put an end to, we say to ourselves that the tension will fall. Except that the reverse is true, as the Detroit pivot is obviously very keen to do battle with the Lakers winger, taking advantage of a relaxation of those who control him to return to the charge!

Once again held back by his teammates and the Pistons staff, including his coach Dwane Casey who tries to calm him down, Isaiah Stewart, beside himself and bleeding more and more, is brought back to his bench … until he somehow does not put his whole world to sleep, only to come back to LeBron James again, taking everything in his path!

This time, the young interior of Detroit will not return to the front. Even if he will try one last time to find the “King”, returning to the locker room to better emerge through the corridor leading to the Californian bench! An attempt obviously annihilated by the security of the Little Caesars Arena, which had already planned everything.

And after reviewing the footage from the scene, the referees will ultimately decide to expel LeBron James (a rarity) and Isaiah Stewart. Now, it will be the league’s turn to distribute its sanctions on Monday.

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