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This Wednesday, June 23, the new album of “Martine” is released. The famous granddaughter of Marcel Marlier (1930-2011) is invited to the most visited museum in the world … The Louvre. In this 61st album, Martine walks and gets lost between the Mona Lisa, Le Radeau de La Méduse and other works. At the start of this project, the Louvre itself. The museum wanted to introduce children to its prestigious collections and therefore called on Martine. In this way, the institution recognizes the great talent of Marcel Marlier. What has something to flatter François Marlier, the son of the illustrator “it is really a great tribute to my dad. It is very impressive especially since it is one of the largest museums in the world. See Martine and my dad entering the Louvre through the main door, it’s really a great recognition “.

To make this album, the Louvre and the Casterman house have juxtaposed drawings made by Marcel Marlier for other adventures of Martine. Then, real photos of the works and pieces of the Louvre were taken by a professional photographer. It is by superimposing these two elements that this new story of Martine was born. “Thanks to the very realistic work of Marcel Marlier, this association of photos and drawings works very well. One almost has the impression that these two elements are made for each other. The whole gives a very convincing result and very natural “underlines Céline Charvet, director of Casterman youth editions.

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