She is the triathlon world champion, the first Spanish woman to participate in two fields at the same Paralympic Games, and a doctor. His visual impairment did not prevent him from achieving his goals. In Brut, Susana Rodriguez recounts her journey endlessly.

Susana is a Paralympic athlete, world triathlon champion, but also a doctor. “” Professor ONCE taught me braille twice a week. I did a few exercises to learn how to make the most of what I saw. She was the one who told me about this kind of competition and I wanted to give it a try, “She said.

But his journey has never been easier. In 2008, she was unable to compete in track and field at the Beijing Olympics. “” I think that opened up other doors for me, including triathlon two years later. I also decided to undertake medical research, so I tend to think that nothing happens by chance, ”She says.

Currently, she is fully engaged in the preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. She is the first Spanish woman to participate in two areas in the same competition, 1500 meters with a triathlon. Through her story, Susana Rodriguez wants to show the realm of potential to pursue her dreams to the end. “” It’s great to be able to open the door for others, but that doesn’t mean that I see myself as a role model, “she concludes.

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