Goodbye Frankfurt, hello Munich! The German auto show is moving this year and reinventing itself as a mobility show. And despite the absence of many manufacturers (the Stellantis group, Japanese brands), this 2021 edition has some nice surprises in store. The focus is on the electric car. There are almost all the stands. Starting with Renault, which unveils its new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech and the R5 prototype, which foreshadows the return of this icon from the 1970s by 4 to 5 years on our roads.

Mercedes is also putting the package on the electric car. The star brand has presented several new premium products, such as the EQS and the new EQE expected for next year. But also the first electric AMG as well as a concept announcing the arrival of a battery-powered version of its legendary all-terrain vehicle, the G-Class. Let’s stay with the German manufacturers with Audi which unveils the Grandsphere, an impressive electric show-car and autonomous of 5.35 meters whose style prefigures the future models of the mark.

BMW surprises with the i Vision Circular, a concept car that looks like everything… except a BMW. More than the particular design, the brand sends above all a message with this prototype: to become a manufacturer promoting the circular economy. In fact, the i Vision Circular is made entirely from recycled materials. Mini and Smart also surprise with an autonomous minivan concept car for the first, and an electric SUV whose size (4.29 meters long) would almost make the first Smart pass for a Micro Machine.

At Porsche, the future of motorsport also seems to be electric. The manufacturer presents the Mission R, a racing car equipped with two electromotors offering a power of nearly 1,100 hp. Finally, it is difficult to talk about the Munich show without mentioning the Chinese manufacturers who came in force this year. Among them is Ora, a brand of the Great Wall Group, which intends to launch an electric sedan, the Cat, next year, first in the German market. Xpeng is also a booming brand. It could launch a model capable of competing with the Tesla Model S in certain European markets, as early as 2022.

Let’s end this overview of the Munich Motor Show with our favorite: the Microlino. Designed in Switzerland, this little car, barely 2.40 meters long, is inspired by the famous Isetta from the 1950s (bubble design, front door). Capable of carrying two people at a speed of 90 km / h, its range would reach up to 200 km for the most enduring version.

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