Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) got into a dire situation in EastEnders earlier this week when two men broke into the Queen Vic.

The landlady of the legendary BBC One soap drunkard feared for her life and the life of her unborn baby when she was approached from behind by one of the men who ordered her to stop while Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty ) to hand over collected charity money.

Linda, scared, did as she was told, but soon tried to inform her husband Mick (Danny Dyer) of the robbery when she tried to make a phone call. But one of the thugs noticed and grabbed her arm.

Zack Hudson (James Farrar), who was secretly hanging out with his girlfriend Nancy (Maddy Hill) upstairs, heard the excitement and ran downstairs to chase the intruders away , and saved Linda in the process.

The scenes were tense to say the least, but it wasn’t just the break-in that was the subject of conversation because actress Kellie Bright’s real husband, Paul Stocker, portrayed one of the robbers!

Currently, EastEnders apply strict social distancing measures, which means that actors must maintain a distance of two meters at all times.

In certain cases, like this week’s robbery, real partners were brought in by actors to “cheat” the distance and make the scenes look as lifelike as possible.

Luisa Bradshaw-White’s wife, Annette Yeo appeared on a scene last year when Tina Carter was arrested. Annette portrayed the arresting officer.

Meanwhile, Paul is said to have appeared in numerous kissing scenes for Jake Wood as Max Branning during the controversial story of the Max and Linda affair.

The actor was featured in two episodes of EastEnders in 2016 and portrayed DS Howard South interviewing Bobby Beale (Elliot Carrington) after his arrest.

In the real world, Kellie is pregnant with her and Paul’s third child, and earlier this year revealed that she had undergone IVF treatment using a frozen embryo.

“I really struggled with my second Child getting pregnant, “she said OK! Magazine back then.

“I was 34 when we naturally fathered Freddy, but we couldn’t get pregnant again. We tried a long time and got to a point around the time I was doing Strictly that we started testing IVF.

“I was 39 at the time and we did it. It was successful. We managed to get four good, strong embryos. One became Gene, the other three went in the freezer.

“This baby in me was the last thing we had now – the last chance for a pregnancy, because at 44 we no longer did IVF.

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