A fire completely destroyed the U Express in L’Huisserie (Mayenne), on the night of Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th May 2021. 37 employees are unemployed.

Shortly after 2 a.m. this Sunday, May 30, 2021, firefighters were called in for a fire at the U Express store in L’Huisserie (Mayenne). The procedure lasted all night and was still in progress at 10 a.m.

The entire 2,500 m2 building (including 1,500 m2 of retail space) was ravaged by flames. The roof collapsed. At the height of the operation, 60 firefighters from eight rescue centers were mobilized. No one was hurt.

At 10 am, the main fires were extinguished. The firefighters, with the support of public works machinery, were looking for any residual sources. The origin of the fire was not yet known.

The fire of the #SuperU de L’Huisserie is under control. The damage is very important. The emergency response is not over. The store will remain closed for a long time. No casualties. # prefecture53 Thank you to Mayor #thiot, his teams and to the neighborhood for their support. pic.twitter.com/FtWTKOSvd1

“The readings in water and in the air are good. No worries for the population, “said SDIS 53 on its Twitter account.

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