ARCHOLOGY – The site contains clues about the presence of Homo erectus variants, constituting the oldest human occupation in the region.

Its name comes from the site of Saint-Acheul, suburb of Amiens, where a tool from the Lower Palaeolithic was discovered, the characteristic part of which is the biface. An international team has discovered the oldest Acheulé in North Africa, dating back 1.3 million years, in the outskirts of Casablanca, said Wednesday Moroccan researchers who participated in the research program.

Until now, archaeologists believed that the Acheulean culture, one of the characteristics of which is the invention of two-sided tools, during the Lower Paleolithic, was © established 700.00 years ago in this part of North Africa. “With this new chronological rebound, almost double, the country is positioned on the scale of the (African) continent where Acheulée is documented at almost 1.8 million years in Africa from East and 1.6 million years in South Africa “, explained Moroccan archaeologist Abdelouahed Ben Ncer. It is about a “major” discovery which “contributes to enrich the debate on the emergence of Acheulé in Africa”, welcomed the co-director of the Franco-Moroccan program Pre-history of Casablanca, Abderrahim Mohib, during a press conference in Rabat. This research, published in the British journal Nature Report, mobilized 17 Moroccan, French and Italian researchers.

It is based on the study of lithic (bifaces, cleavers or pikes) and geological tools, extracted from the site of the “Thomas I” quarry, not far from Casablanca (west), where research has been carried out since the 1980s. Archaeologists have discovered “one of the richest Acheulean assemblages in Africa”, underlined Abderrahim Mohib. “This is very important because we are talking about prehistoric time, a complex period with little data.”

The research also uncovered “the oldest human occupation in Morocco”, said the co-director, specifying that they were “variants of Homo Erectus”. In 2017, in the pre-historic site of Jebel Irhoud (southwest), archaeologists discovered the remains of Homo Sapiens 300,000 years old, the oldest in the world. This discovery had turned the view of human evolution upside down.

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