The MIC circular note calling on the press to provide reliable information on their medium raises several questions within the corporation.

To silence speculation around this note, Minister Amara Somparé came out of his silence, providing details to Circular No 0302MIC / CAB / 2021, dated August 17, 2021. The head of the department in charge of Information and Communication took advantage of a media outlet to challenge the bosses of online media, since it is them, who have misinterpreted the basis of this invitation.

Guinea, like any other normal country in its usual functioning and in the updating of statistical data, renews the statistical yearbook every year. It is in this context that the ministerial departments have been invited by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development through the National Institute of Statistics to take the necessary steps to renew this directory on behalf of the year 2020. indicated Minister Amara Somparé.

“The National Institute of Statistics has written to all ministerial departments to collect updated data for the year 2020 for the sector that concerns them. So the information and communication department which is in charge of the media has of course addressed all the press organs (audio-visual, written press and online press) in order to collect a certain number of ‘information to come and enrich the statistics of the INS,’ said Amara Somparé.

Since the dissemination of this circular note, everyone has their comments, well informed or not, others also believing that the Government through the Ministry of Information and Communication is trying to shut down some Guinean media, something which the responsible Minister refutes.

“This approach is purely for data collection, to enrich the statistical year 2020, for the moment that is the approach. Now the MIC is also responsible for the administrative control of news organizations, we urge all online media and others to stay in compliance with the regulations. The President has very often reminded him of Governing Otherwise it applies to everyone, people must respect the regulations otherwise they will be faced with the strictness of the law “.

In the coming days, the Minister’s office will receive certain media bosses in order to listen to them and respond to all their concerns.

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