It is the “sense of the collective” which played in favor of Annie Genevard, the former mayor of Morteau in Haut-Doubs, now vice-president of the National Assembly and LR deputy of Doubs. During the political bureau of the Republicans, meeting this Monday, July 6, President Christian Jacob announced the replacement of Guillaume Peltier in place of number 2 of the party by Annie Genevard. The deputy of Loir-et-Cher, Guillaume Peltier, had at the end of May, assured “to carry the same convictions as the mayor of Béziers, support of Marine Le Pen in the presidential election”. An eviction that has all of a sanction. A year before the presidential election, it is time to rally.

The confidence of @ ChJacob77 honors me. Everyone knows their sense of the collective. My priority at his side with all the @lesRepublicains leadership will be to amplify the rally of the right and the center essential to our victory in 2022.

“A faithful who holds on to her convictions”: named Tuesday number 2 of the Republicans, Annie Genevard, 64, is a respected figure on the right, whose calm temperament and calm voice serve right-wing convictions “without lukewarm”. The new deputy vice-president will have, alongside Christian Jacob, to lead a party under pressure as the presidential election approaches while the ego quarrels risk to rock the right-wing family.

Annie Genevard (@AnnieGenevard): “There is no opposition in principle to the candidacy of Xavier Bertrand”

In this task, the deputy of Doubs, who succeeds Guillaume Peltier, will be able to use the perfect knowledge of a party of which she had occupied the post of secretary general in 2017, under the leadership of Laurent Wauquiez.
This fillonist had then made a point of “rebuilding” and “bringing together” a party in crisis, a task in which she continued to be involved in recent months when, appointed head of the National Council, she had animated several conventions. themes (on education and culture in particular) launched to reconstruct a program.

“In times of difficulty, you must not fail, do not doubt, especially not attack your own,” said in 2019 to LCP this former French teacher attached to “say strong things but in a way that is not controversial” .

Daughter of the deputy of Doubs Irène Tharin, Annie Genevard was elected municipal councilor in Morteau in 1995 on the list of Jean-Marie Binetruy, to whom she succeeded as mayor in 2002. She again follows in the footsteps of Jean-Marie Binetruy as Member of the Doubs in 2012, a position she still occupies today.

Mother of two children, she claims to have grown up herself in an environment with varied opinions, “where we listened to Ferrat, where we read Aragon”, contributing to “a form of tolerance”.

“I can not hate a person because he does not think like me”, affirmed to LCP the deputy, opponent during the debate to the marriage for all, hostile to the PMA for all and holding of the firmness on immigration.

Appointed in 2014 national secretary of the UMP for the animation of federations by Nicolas Sarkozy, then spokesperson for LR in 2016, she became in 2017 deputy secretary general of LR, in tandem with Gérald Darmanin then Eric Ciotti.

Having become the same year vice-president of the Assembly, the one who prides himself on “not hysterizing the debates” had not hesitated to ask the LFI deputy François Ruffin, too scruffy for his taste, to “put his shirt back in the trousers”.

More recently, Annie Genevard reached an involuntary notoriety during the tabling of an amendment aiming to prohibit the foreign flags in town hall at the time of the weddings, its evocation of the “dances” of certain families “of foreign origin” earning him sharp points Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti. “There was never any question of banning dancing,” she then explained.