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Whether you are a young dynamic single, newly married, young parents or young retirees, there will always be a place for you in the Orne. This is the promise made by the very dynamic departmental team. Not far from the sea but also close to Paris and other big cities, the Orne offers a soothing living environment while offering a dynamic life. The Department is experiencing economic development, focusing on digital technology and the future. Health, the living environment, culture, training… are also major axes to promote the life of the people of the Ornais. It must be fun to live in Orne, whoever you are.

The department is doing everything to support the investment. Many companies are developing in the Orne. Lactalis has just launched a program of around 100 hires in the department, notably through its cheese company in Domfront-en-Poiraie!

Following this dynamic, it is La Ferté Couture, a luxury ready-to-wear company that is developing, thus combining economic expansion, job creation and the transmission of know-how. Their new building was delivered last July and the teams are moving there.

The Lemoine and Faurecia groups are expanding in Flers while Maximo (a frozen food company) moves and expands to Alençon.

We noticed that the Ariaké dehydrated broth factory is expanding, diversifying its production and they are hiring. The Japanese group will build 720 m² of buildings and a 22 m high tower. This ten million euro project began in July 2021.
It is also the computer engineering sector which is developing and opening a site in l’Aigle and creating 55 jobs within 2 years with the company MTB111.

To settle in the Orne is to combine nature with a high speed connection, allowing to continue to develop its activity, to work remotely from home. Today, 35% of the population is connected to fiber.

As part of the Very High Speed ​​plan, at the end of 2023, around 170,000 households (inhabitants / businesses) will be connected to fiber. “The 100% fiberized Ornament in 2023” is based on a historic mobilization of public and private partners: Department of Orne, Normandy Region, State, Europe, Mission France Très Haut Débit, Orange Group and its subsidiary Orne Très Haut Débit.

There are many medical deserts in France and the Orne is doing everything to fight this phenomenon, a dynamism and innovative ideas (which have inspired other departments) are at work.

The StarTech Médecine medical center has 300 m2 of premises within the premises of the Departmental Council in Alençon, where there are nine medical practices. In addition, the department has created medical centers with salaried doctors. Thus, 8 doctors were able to return to patients. A departmental initiative hailed by the inhabitants and which is copied by other departments.

L’Orne also relies on teleconsultation, combining digital technology and health, the Department has resources. Télépharm is developing a territorial teleconsultation offer via local pharmacies with doctors from the Orne department and neighboring departments for access to certain specialties and thus ensure secure and quality teleconsultation for patients, in the Orne many telemedicine projects are emerging, relying on a university telemedicine center at the CHU de Caen.

Christophe de Balorre, Chairman of the Departmental Council, explains to us how he defines his department and its inhabitants: “You know that we like to define ourselves as a department of ideas, and I think we have no shortage of them; shared car, Departmental coverage by optical fiber, device to fight against the medical desert, one-stop shop, third coworking places, search for qualified profiles for industrial and service jobs, development of cultural offers, all therefore have and will have more and more this same goal.

Our department has everything for it and without needing to change its nature or lose its soul because its rural nature is a strength. Everything grows in the Orne, projects such as food raw materials. The land of Orne provides all the solutions; and yes we are determined that the future will grow there better than elsewhere. “

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