In a press release published on Wednesday, the Superior Audiovisual Council announces that its college, united in plenary assembly, has decided to ask the mediates audiovisual shows to count the interventions of Eric Zemmour on the national political debate. The decision will take effect from Thursday. After several weeks of having balked at deciding on the status of the CNews columnist, the Council therefore considers that Zemmour can “be looked at from now on, both by his positions and its actions, only through the comments to which they give rise, as an actor in the national political debate ”. To justify its decision, the CSA quotes “recent developments”, without giving more details.

This decision of the CSA therefore makes Eric Zemmour fall into the ranks of political figures, at a time when he seemed to be counting on the promotion of his book France has not said its last word to start a election campaign that did not say its name. Last week, the Figaro had announced the suspension of its collaboration with the controversial the time of this promotional campaign, at his request according to the editor, Alexis Brà © zet. But nothing was planned on the side of CNews, where Eric Zemmour appears from Monday to Thursday in Face à lâ ???? info, nor Paris Première, channel which planned to broadcast the weekly Zemmour & Naulleau program from September 29. These two branches are the most affected by this decision. Other media interventions by Eric Zemmour are also scheduled, starting this Saturday in On est en direct on France 2 or next Wednesday at Jean-Jacques Bourdin on BFM TV and RMC . Contacted, CNews said it would not comment.