Published Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 09:30 In: OL. By Claude Dautel

Olympique Lyonnais got into the bad habit of letting points slip away in the final minutes, as was the delusional case in Nice. Peter Bosz must fix this problem.

The scenario of the Nice-OL match last Sunday knocked out many Lyon supporters, the latter being convinced that the victory was there at 0-2, before the Gym finally won in the last seconds (3-2) . Since then, Olympique Lyonnais has made its accounts, and the least we can say is that the end of the match has been nightmarish since the start of the 2021-2022 Ligue 1 season. Because if in the Europa League, the formation of Peter Bosz has no problem managing these final minutes, in the league it is quite different. Whether against Clermont, against PSG, against ASSE, and of course in Nice, OL let slip a total of 8 points at the very end of the match, and with these 8 more points, Anthony Lopes and his teammates would be on the podium and not in ninth place. Before the reception of Lens, this Saturday at Groupama Stadium, for a match that is worth gold, Peter Bosz admitted that there was a real problem with this management of money time.

To help the Dutch coach of Olympique Lyonnais, Denis Troch, former coach, especially of Paris Saint-Germain, and now mental coach, explains in L’Equipe that obviously it is a mental problem, and that ‘About thirty years ago, faced with a similar problem with a training he was training, he found a solution that was at least original. “The more we talk about it, the more it comes to mind, it’s a classic syndrome. We must therefore find the mechanism that will break this lock, this problem, because it becomes anxiety-provoking and recurring. And you get there by common sense. “You’re not doing it on purpose, are we okay?” And at 3-0, we risk nothing. We must trivialize the situation while taking it into consideration (…) We must make the players aware that they are not doing it on purpose. So not to say something that will undermine them, but rather to make them understand that they have the resources to bounce back, explains Denis Troch, who also remembers that on the Charleville side, he had taken the initiative to block the pendulums of the stadium with scotch tape. I didn’t want my players watching them, it impacted them. “All that remains is to try that at Groupama Stadium this Saturday night against Lens.

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