He said the answer to the challenges posed by the pandemic is to expand and smooth global flows while building confidence that its results will benefit the world.

Published: May 20, 2021 16:24 |

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NEW DELHI: While the coronavirus pandemic is the most serious in living memory, it should be viewed as a recurring challenge rather than a one-off episode, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Thursday, noting that India is particularly difficult Times goes through situation.

Jaishankar also said the nature of the pandemic has also brought to the fore concerns about trust and transparency, warning that opacity can no longer be overlooked as it has real implications for the rest of the world.

In an online address organized by Nikkei at the “Future of Asia” conference, the Foreign Ministers of India, Japan and Australia are working on an initiative to promote resilience in the supply chain and call for the global economy to be strengthened and risk reduced through effective partnerships.

He said that the effective meeting of the health and medical needs of the world is a mature one It requires recognition of the global nature of the underlying supply chains.

“Aside from a select few, it cannot be approached on a purely national basis and indeed requires an entirely different order of cooperation,” said Jaishankar.

He said, The answer to the challenges posed by the pandemic is to expand and smooth global flows while building confidence that its results will benefit the whole world.

“A year and a half ago when As the world was hit by the massive COVID-19 pandemic, we were really faced with an event involving black swans.

Since then, although we have addressed some facets of a very complex challenge, we have continued its devastating geographic course “, he said.

He noted that the long-term impact of the pandemic on the world order, including the future of Asia, is not yet fully understood

“This pandemic may be the most serious one in living memory, but it should be viewed as a recurring challenge rather than a one-off challenge.

It requires international cooperation on a scale that was previously unheard of “He said.

Even a collective response in itself could be neglected if it is just an aggregate of current capacities,” noted Jaishankar. He said the world needs to focus on the ways in which it prepares for such a “disaster” and mitigates it, re-constructing events “.

” COVID-19 certainly has debates on issues such as supply chains , Global governance, social responsibility, and even ethics triggered.

But for many of us gathered here today, this equally encourages an objective assessment of today’s world so we are better prepared for tomorrow, “he said.

Regarding the Quad collaboration, Jaishankar said his agenda includes collaborating on vaccines, critical and emerging technologies, semiconductors, supply chains, critical materials, and connectivity, among others.

“In that regard are Also noteworthy are the recent Indian summits with the European Union and the United Kingdom, where progress has been made on free trade agreements, “he said.

” The Ar The COVID experience has also brought concerns about trust and transparency to the fore.

Opacity can no longer be overlooked. it has a real impact on the rest of the world, “he said.

” It was bad enough to face bottlenecks and disruptions. Worse, that they could become pressure points. There are also concerns that the financial hardship caused by the pandemic could lead to new vulnerabilities, “he added.

Jaishankar said the coronavirus challenge has created a stronger case for stronger international cooperation, be it with the Making vaccines or to facilitate economic recovery.

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