Eric Zemmour’s new book is already making a name for itself in the French media even before its publication. France has not said its last word, which Le Figaro published on September 9, has become the subject of discussion in France. This passage, in particular, provokes a controversy. Zemmour, who is about to announce his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election, recounts a telephone interview he allegedly had with current President Emmanuel Macron.

This call, according to the polemicist, came after he was verbally assaulted and the video was posted on social networks in May 2020. In this brief passage, the polemicist briefly recounts a conversation “which lasted 45 minutes” centered around the “scum”, the Republic, the suburbs and unsurprisingly, Islam, reports the weekly Le Figaro.

It was Emmanuel Macron who allegedly called him after the verbal abuse suffered by Eric Zemmour. “I tell him that there are always good or bad individuals, it doesn’t matter, but I believe in the collective unconscious that rule us, and the collective unconscious of these Muslim populations is to colonize the former colonizer, to dominate the unfaithful in the name of Allah, ”explains the polemicist.

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