After a game in suspense, Castres Olympique pulled off the draw and remain unbeaten this season. The Bordelais are rather satisfied not to have succumbed to the “trap”, as Christophe Urios calls it.

We could not know that it would not be the last, but the first touch caused concern for the Tarn people with a Bordeaux counter which allowed the visitors to launch a first offensive. In the process, the penalty conceded by the CO on the ground allowed François Trinh Duc to be warmly applauded by the Castres kop because he had missed the target. A kop that was much more lively from the kick-off, when Palis got the ball up on the right wing and following the smooth attack reversal, Barlot broke out of the squad to score the first try in Castres. 7 minutes of play, 7 points for the CO, the stands also had the opportunity to show their jubilation when a scuffle broke out within 5 m of the UBB. It cost the visitors a yellow card, Rémy Lamerat in this case, and earned CO 3 points. During the first 20 minutes the fragility in touch set in. 3 lost balls in the line-up highlighted the 2 won in scrum. Despite the multitude of ammunition lost in touch, the CO created some good opportunities. Unfortunately, one foot on the line deprived the CO of a try while at the same time the Girondins won following the CO’s ground faults. So much so that the gap did not widen despite a very lively game. A masterful kick from Rory Kockott 55m just before the break could have increased local capital noticeably, but Trinh Duc reduced it by a drop on the siren. The halftime analysis was relatively tight, with 8 hits lost and 3 scrums won the CO knew where to lean.

The return to the pitch did not go very well for the Castres. Jalibert with his first ball rounded the Castres curtain, and the kick to be followed was improved by Lam who had no opposition on his wing. 5 minutes later, Bordeaux came back within 5m of the premises and Cameron Woki crossed the line in power. In 10 minutes the Castres conceded 14 points and found themselves behind 23 to 13. The changes made by Christophe Urios had hit the mark. In addition, the baraka were not in the Olympian camp who were denied a try for a very small offside position after a pass to the foot of Urdapilleta. It was not until the hour of play that the CO took off again. There was first a yellow card for winger Federico Mori author of an illegal tackle on Dumora, a good touch from the Castres roster (finally) and after the ball carried, Santiago Arata was able to sneak into the Bordeaux in-goal. Sadly, the upturn was short-lived. A violent tackle from Pieterse on the Girondin scrum-half earned a red card from the second row in Castres. The OC was going to spend a quarter of an hour at 2, but not a bad quarter of an hour. Indeed in this lapse of time Jalibert missed 2 penalties well within his reach. In the last minute Ulupano Seuteni forgot two completely demarcated partners on his right before impaling himself on the last Castres defender. A test that seemed unstoppable. And as Urdapilleta had investigated the equalizer penalty, the Castres stands exploded with joy as Arata kicked the last ball out of the field to seal the draw.

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