After the trial of O.J Simpson and the assassination of Gianni Versace, American Crime Story turns to the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky affair in Impeachment. Clive Owen in president, Sarah Paulson in Linda Tripp: comparison in pictures.

This Thursday, October 28, American Crime Story is back with a 3rd season available on CANAL and myCANAL. After the trial of O.J Simpson in 2016 and the assassination of Gianni Versace in 2018, Ryan Murphy tackles another news item that has hit the headlines and shakes the presidency of the United States: the Monicagate.

Called Impeachment and co-produced by Monica Lewinsky herself, this new round of episodes plunges us into the corridors of the White House at the end of the 90s, to discover the facts which led to the indictment of the 42nd President of the States. -United. And to bring to life one of the most serious political crises in contemporary history, the anthology series has relied on a five-star cast. On screen, we find Sarah Paulson, Edie Falco, Beanie Feldstein and even Clive Owen, each more unrecognizable than the last. The proof in pictures.

Ryan Murphy’s favorite actress, seen in American Horror Story and in the first season of American Crime Story as prosecutor Marcia Clark, Sarah Paulson is at the center of Impeachment: American Crime Story. Tripp, Pentagon employee behind the revelations about the affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. This highly controversial figure became friends with the ex-White House intern and then set a trap for him by bribing him intimate information and recording their phone conversations.

Noticed in Our Worst Neighbors 2 and Lady Bird, Beanie Feldstein stars in the series playing Monica Lewinsky. Fan of Sarah Paulson, the actress who was only 6 years old during the affair immersed herself body and soul in the history of the former intern, a preparation that lasted no less than 9 months during which, – even before meeting Monica Lewinsky – she read her biography written by Andrew Morton, listened to the telephone tapes and looked at the transcripts of each of her depositions. “It’s so exciting for me that the younger generations get to know this very human portrayal of Monica Lewinsky,” she told Variety.

If you are told Clive Owen and Bill Clinton, you are unlikely to find anything in common between them. This is what the actor pointed out to Ryan Murphy and Brad Simpson when they came to him for the role: “Firstly, I’m English, and secondly, I don’t look like him at all.” Yet. , the actor of Sin City and Closer has transformed to blend in completely with the features of the 42nd President of the United States. From his white hair to his ties, through his postures, his facial expressions and his way of speaking, Clive Owen signs here one of his most convincing roles.

Known to series fans for having been Carmela, Tony’s wife in The Sopranos, then Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco becomes Hillary Clinton this year. In order to best portray this woman in both the shadow and the light of her husband, the actress has worked on her accent to perfectly reproduce the diction so characteristic of the First Lady.

Less known than Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones is the woman who first sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. Her testimony and the media frenzy it sparked precipitated Bill Clinton’s indictment and impeachment process. It’s Annaleigh Ashford, known for Masters of Sex, who plays this former Arkansas official.

After Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders once again plays a journalist from the small screen. This time around, the actress swapped her brown for the blonde hair of Ann Coulter, a controversial Republican political commentator and polemicist, who exploded in popularity during the Lewinsky affair. She has indeed become unpaid legal counsel to Paula Jones’ lawyers in her lawsuit against the president.

Madame’s iconic Angela Bower is served and in the cast of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Judith Light returns to the third season of the anthology series. She plays the role of Susan Carpenter-McMillan A self-proclaimed conservative feminist activist, Susan Carpenter-McMillan became Paula Jones’ advisor and main spokesperson in her lawsuit against Bill Clinton and chaired her legal fund. A victim of sexual assault herself, she is known for her work with victims and her campaigns against perpetrators.

Author and literary agent, Lucianne Goldberg played a key role in Bill Clinton’s impeachment. And for good reason, it was she who, in 1997, advised Tripp to record his telephone conversations with Lewinsky, thus collecting more than 20 hours of recording. Goldberg and Tripp had met in 1994, at the time of the death by Vince Foster, Deputy Legal Adviser to the White House. They then wanted to work on a book of revelations on this subject and thus became friends. This major actress of the case is played by Margo Martindale (Your Honor, Justified, A Summer in Osage County …)

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