This Wednesday, August 25, TMC is broadcasting the cult The City of Fear, a comedy signed by Les Nuls. Chantal Lauby plays Odile Deray, director whose feature film Red is dead, which she wants to advertise at the Cannes Film Festival, has achieved a certain fame thanks to a serial killer visibly inspired by the method adopted by that of her film. Besides Dominique Farrugia and Alain Chabat, Valérie Lemercier is also part of the adventure. The actress plays one of the wives of a serial killer victim. The scene she shares with Chantal Lauby, a dialogue of the funniest deaf people, has become downright mythical. Thanks to this feature film, Valérie Lemercier gained more visibility and undoubtedly landed the roles that followed. This opportunity, however, the actress almost missed after accepting it. She owes this fault to her upbeat side. But luckily for her, the drama was narrowly avoided. And considering how lucky she was, we hope for her that she played the lotto that same day.

As the site Allociné tells in its anecdotes section, the filming of La Cité de la Fear was on the verge of delay. Valérie Lemercier simply forgot to go to work all day. An omission not without consequences for the rest of the squad, whose main goal was to find her a replacement. And sometimes there is no point in looking far since the solution is right under our noses.

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On est en direct will be back on France 2 on Saturday, September 4. And for its big comeback on the air, the talk-show now piloted as a duo by Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé will receive a government cador.

EVACUATIONS – Since the fall of Kabul, now in Taliban hands, on August 15, France has established an airlift to exfiltrate threatened French and Afghans

30 years later, Spencer Elden considers that the photograph which served for the cover of “Nevermind” is of a child pornography.

Some males of Aipysurus laevis prey on divers for no apparent reason. Australian researchers have tried to understand this astonishing behavior.

FAKE OFF – This figure, put forward by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire during an interview, is strongly reacting on social networks

FOOTBALL – The 28-year-old man, who appeared before the Nice Criminal Court on Wednesday, is placed under judicial supervision

Already a few months since Tommy Dorfman has started his transition and the actress seems happier than ever. To our colleagues at InStyle, she explains how her life has changed.

After a summer break, the government returned to the Elysée and the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

It was as a dance teacher at the Star Academy that Kamel Ouali became known to the general public. But after seven years spent at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, what becomes of the choreographer?

Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars will soon begin on TF1. But beware, the show will not be scheduled on Saturday evening as usual, but on … Friday evening!

The number of daily deaths linked to Covid-19 has further increased in French Polynesia, with 54 deaths between Friday and Sunday, the Department of Health of this overseas community announced on Monday.

JUSTICE – The announcement by the Minister of Justice, visiting Marseille, comes as the settling of scores multiplies in the Marseille city

Buildings in Lashkar Gah, capital of southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, have been damaged and charred by heavy fighting between Taliban fighters and government forces.

The cult show “Les Grosses Têtes” made its comeback on Monday 23 August on RTL. And on the occasion of his comeback, Laurent Ruquier slipped a small tackle for Jeanfi Janssens while scratching Line Renaud in the process.

TERRORISM – The president of Hauts-de-France was this Wednesday in Chinon (Indre-et-Loire), where he commemorated a massacre of the Nazis in the neighboring town of Maillé, August 25, 1944

INVESTIGATION – The suicide thesis would be privileged according to the first testimonies collected by the prosecution

Lingulodinium is not toxic when swimming, but can cause health concerns if consumed.

While astronomers thought the Oort cloud was riddled with debris from the formation of our Solar System, now a study suggests that it could be mostly made up of interstellar objects. Making visitors such as Comet Borisov several months ago not that exceptional.

Ibrahim Hamato created a sensation at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Five years later, he also competes in those in Tokyo. With both arms amputated, this Egyptian table tennis player plays with the racket between his teeth and serves with his feet. Playing table tennis without arms is the feat that Egyptian Ibrahim Hamato, 48, has achieved after many years of training. Revealed at the Paralympic Games in Rio five years ago, the table tennis player is selected for To

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