This Monday, November 22, the Toulouse chef of Le Bibent is competing for the title of world champion in egg mayonnaise. His creation: a goose egg on toasted bread.

What if the best egg mayo in the world was in Toulouse? This Monday, November 22, the third world egg mayo championship takes place in Paris. Yann Ghazal, chef of the Le Bibent brewery, will represent the pink city. A few months ago, he won over the Association for the Protection of Egg Mayonnaise (ASOM). With its slogan “Time flies, eggs are hard”, this latest work to promote what she considers an integral part of the culinary heritage. And from March 29 to April 4, Sébastien Mayol, the president of the association, toured as part of blogger Rodolphe Laffarge’s Take Away Challenge. Among the thirty participating Toulouse restaurants, it was therefore the chef of the Place du Capitole brasserie who won his place in the championship.

The chef has already shone with some of his recipes in previous challenges. But this time, it was his revisited and personal version of a bistro standard that allowed him to qualify. Three times the size of a simple chicken egg, its goose egg is served on toasted cereal bread. It is also soaked in goose fat. The egg yolk was then garnished with an Espelette pepper mayonnaise with a hint of balsamic vinegar. And the whole thing is topped with a few leaves of Rustica watercress and Amélys flowers to add color and aesthetics.

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But if his creation delighted the jury for the first time, he will have to defend it again today against 13 candidates from France and abroad. The Toulouse chef will try to snatch the title from the current winner, the Parisian brasserie Le Bouillon Pigalle, to make Toulouse the capital of egg mayo.