The 2021 offseason transfer market (almost) started on June 18! Almost no one expected it, certainly not in such a rush, the Boston Celtics have transferred all-star point guard Kemba Walker to Oklahoma City! But it’s not really the veteran point guard that interests the Thunder in this operation… Here, Oklahoma City mainly recovers the 16th pick from the Celtics in the 2021 Draft, as well as a second round of the Draft in 2025! In the opposite direction, the Thunder sends the Celtics a second round of Draft in 2023, as well as the promising young pivot Moses Brown from the 2020 Draft, and especially the veteran interior Al Horford, who will make his comeback in the franchise. from Massachussets!

On the Celtics side, the stakes in this trade are obvious, but not radical to say the least! Kemba Walker was known to be insecure after a disastrous 2020/2021 season punctuated by stubborn injuries and notable underperformance. The leader, signed to fill in the gaps after the precipitous departure of Kyrie Irving 2 years ago, will never have convinced in Boston, nor lived up to his XXL contract by never fulfilling his role of leader in scoring, thus than in the locker room for this fairly young group. He left Boston on a series of playoffs lost sharply against Brooklyn (4-1), where his attitude once again exasperated Boston fans. With a contract of more than 36 million the season guaranteed for 2 more seasons, he had become undesirable in view of his negative contribution. To ship it to Oklahoma City as quickly as possible, the Celtics have therefore added their first round of Draft 2021 (16th pick) to grease the paw and make the affair enticing in a Thunder always more stingy with young prospects.

On the Thunder side, the business is good! Here we find the legendary flair of Sam Presti who for a few years, has been investing all his energy in the search for future draft choices with a view to the complete reconstruction of the franchise on the sporting level. Oklahoma City now has 3 first rounds of Draft 2021, enough to rebuild the franchise on very solid foundations. They also free Al Horford in a financial deal where the Celtics save $ 10million in salary cap, where OKC has no payroll concerns, though the veteran was helpful. Finally, the Oklahoma City front office is picking up an aging Kemba Walker who could be very useful in mentoring the young prospects who will arrive at the end of July. However, we must not be fooled, and we can think that the management will negotiate with him when he arrives an exit to a more ambitious club, like the negotiations conducted with Chris Paul during the 2020 offseason which had taken the leader to the franchise of his choice, namely the Suns.

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