The figure of the day: 38, like the amount in euros of the ceiling for restaurant vouchers. This threshold, doubled during the health crisis to encourage consumers to go to restaurants, will be maintained until February 2022. It was not a won deal: initially, the measure was to end on August 31. Meal vouchers would then have returned to their initial ceiling of 19 euros. But according to our information, the government decided otherwise. Be careful, however, this ceiling of 38 euros only concerns expenditure in catering establishments: payments for grocery shopping at the supermarket are not affected and keep the initial threshold of 19 euros.

The rant of the day is pushed by the Republic in March. The presidential party has grown tired of fake social media accounts bearing its image, to the point of asking the courts to reveal the identity of their creators. To achieve this, the movement led by Stanislas Guérini took Twitter and Telegram to court in Paris, before winning their case on August 13. In its approach, LReM explains that it wants to confine itself to official communication channels, so as not to generate confusion among activists.

The Capital handy info is for those who want to travel without taking the plane. Even if the journeys are generally longer, it is quite possible to reach most of the European capitals with alternative means of transport such as train, bus or boat. Do you want to sunbathe in Ibiza from Lyon? You can, by taking a train to Barcelona, ​​then the ferry to the Mediterranean island. Count all the same 8 hours of crossing, and approximately 30 euros to take the boat. Also find out how to reach Athens, Madrid or Reykjavik on

And we end with an unexpected observation: driving slower in the city pollutes more. While several French town halls are preparing to lower the speed limit from 50 to 30 km / h, a new study shows that this does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, it is at 70 km / h that cars pollute the least. In any case, on the atmospheric level. Because in terms of noise pollution, it is the slower cars that are the most harmless. And it is towards this objective that the municipalities are aiming for, setting up 30 km / h, to give pride of place to soft mobility by eliminating cars.

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