The Stage 3 Six Major will take place in Sweden from November 8 to 14, and some big names from Rainbow Six International will be missing.

The city of Gävle will host the fourth edition of the Six Major from November 8 to 14, a tournament which will mark the end of Stage 3 and the first part of the 2021 season. The 16 best teams of the moment have come together. to cross swords in a new transnational battle three months after the Mexican Major and a handful of weeks before the Six Invitational 2022 comes to an end.

Some teams created a relative sensation by acceding to this Six Sweden Major, like Vitality and Rogue in Europe or FaZe in Latin America, but others fell on a bone during Stage 3 and will have to follow the Swedish gathering from their home. -them.

Let’s start with those absent from Europe. G2 Esports is renowned for spearheading the most important era of domination in Rainbow Six history, but also for the violence of its descent into hell. The team has experienced a real reorganization in recent months with the departures of its legends, from Fabian to Pengu via Goga and made a daring bet by signing two European nuggets, Kayak and Jonka, in parallel with the integration of Hungry and CTZN in its ranks. Following their rout at the Six Invitational, the Samurai raised their heads in Stage 2 before being the subject of another debacle and collapsing in last place of the Six Major Mexico City. Shas’ men failed to recover in this latest split and finished seventh in the European League standings. The European team will thus miss the first Major of its epic on Rainbow Six and even if it is qualified for the Playoffs of the European Championship, it will be necessary to whip for the G2 if they wish to be among those who will take part in the Supreme Major in Montreal in next february.

The second formation of the Old Continent that we could have expected in Nordic lands is Natus Vincere. The European collective has evolved well in recent months and was on the roof of Europe at the start of the year, coming first in the EUL Stage 1 ranking then third at the end of Stage 2, which allowed it to qualify for the Six Major Mexico City. Doki and his playing partners, however, made only a fleeting appearance, gleaning a Top 9/12 without having won any of their matches. Arrived eighth in the standings of the last segment, they too broke their teeth. Although lined up for the finals of the European league and the next Six Invitational, the Na’Vi will have to give a push to get up and show the best possible face during their next outings in LAN.

On the North American side, if the participation of Soniqs Esports in the Swedish Major is not really a surprise following its previous appearances at the Paris Six Invitational as well as the Six Mexico Major, the absence of Team SoloMid is. absolutely one. TSM is one of the biggest names in the North American Rainbow Six, notably coming fourth at the last Invitational, but is going through a troubled period in this 2021 season. If they finished second in Stage 2 of the North American League, the black and white offered a very poor performance to the Six Major, including Merc amputees, tested positive for COVID-19 moments before the start of the tournament, finishing last there. Overcoming various rumors of transfer window concerning them, Achieved and his teammates took up arms in NAL but their split will not have been a long quiet river. Neck-to-neck with DarkZero Esports, they were denied a Major by the Canadian squad on the final day of the regular season. In addition to seeing this international tournament pass under their noses, Team SoloMid will be absent subscribers to the North American League Playoffs and this is certainly a blow to their ego, especially as to access the Invitational 2022, they will have to go through the qualifying tournament.

After their title of vice-world champions acquired in Paris last May, but also after having come so close to two invaluable international victories following their defeat in the semi-finals of Six Major Mexico City, the players of Team Liquid will not participate at Six Sweden Major. During the summer transfer window, the riders decided on a renewal in their workforce and thanked xS3xyCake and HSnamuringa for integrating two Brazilian nuggets, AsK and resetz, and this reshuffle has not yet borne fruit since the team, although arrived first in Campeonato Brasileiro Stage 3, finished sixth in the Copa Elite Six and will see this Swedish Major pass under his nose. They will therefore have to be satisfied with the Brasileirao 2021 Playoffs and take their troubles patiently before the Six Invitational 2022, to which they have already qualified since this summer.

Finally, the two formations which will not represent the Asia-Pacific region at Major de Gävle are those which, currently or historically, are the spearheads of this distant country on the international scene. If the results are not looking good for them in recent weeks, the absence of Fnatic, led by the French Alphama, will be noticed by this Major, who will be the second they will successively miss in addition to the Six Invitational. These are the CYCLOPS athlete gaming who qualified for the Stage 3 playoffs of the APAC League under the nose and beard of the Orange, the same Japanese who have been rolling on the international scene since the World Cup last May. Even if they did not know how to get out of the group stage in the last Major, Anitun and his acolytes hold the high for the big international fish in each of their confrontations and their absence will certainly leave a void during this transnational event.

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