Place to bets GF38 – QRM. This season we are setting up a “betting challenge” with several of our readers – some playing in teams of 2.

The principle is simple: everyone leaves with the sum of 20 € for the season. Each day, each participant gives his or her bet (s) on GF38 matches, using the odds provided by an online bookmaker. A ranking is established according to the gains / losses of each participant. They will explain their predictions to us before each match.

€ 1 -> GF38 win 1-0 (7.45) / € 1 (free bet) -> 0-0 at half-time, 0-2 final score (23.00 -> 22.00) / 1 €: victory of Nîmes, refunded if no one (1.55)

An exact score 1-0 following a premonitory dream, but we cover ourselves with a small bet on a victory for Nîmes, reimbursed in the event of a draw. And a last risky bet with the Gardois’ 2-0 victory built in the second half because Lucio wants to get rich. Overall we see a game with little in terms of goals against a team that takes little cash and has never been behind this season

€ 1.70 -> both teams score in 1st and 2nd half (20.50) / € 2 -> Grenoble wins by 2 or (6.25)

We do not change a losing team so I stay on my Grenoble which wins by 2 goals. I didn’t find my usual “one team to score from the penalty spot” bet, too bad, so I empty the bank on a “both teams to score every half” bet.

€ 1 -> exact score 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1 (7.00); € 1 -> victory for Grenoble and both teams score (6.20)

€ 1 (free bet) -> exact score 1-1 (5.10 -> 4.10); € 1 -> Nîmes victory combo or draw and – 1.5 goals in the match (3.55)

Nîmes doesn’t take many goals, we don’t score many, so I’m either going 0-0, 0-1 or 1-1, in two bets so as not to be accused of having multiple mandates