From the Bold B-Series to the Radioactive Cub, it’s just one step, as Liam Neeson continues to beat on Netflix, as these WTF scenes from Taken Trilogy prove.

When released by Europacorp in 2008 to photograph, Elle surprises its world and causes a small electric shock in the world of action films. Great international success, his sober work instantly transforms the respected Liam Neeson For big neo-big-arm lovers, but above all, it creates a new sub-genre.

In a few months, more duplicates, Nag for a 50-year-old actor looking for a second wind Sean Penn (shooter), Denzel Washington (equalizer), Angelina Jolie (salt) And many more. However, none of these clones push the limits of the level of incandescence achieved by the trilogy. to photograph .. Forced to agree on the over-the-top plot (making the hero an unstoppable killing machine), Bessonian’s obsession, and the likes of the star he doesn’t always want to walk on, various episodes unfold. are gradually immersed in everything.

What happens: Brian starts having dinner with his old acquaintance, Junk Road, who works for the Secret Service in France. But like everyone else in that huge pool of sewage in Paris, Jean Claude is immersed in something less Catholic based on the white slave trade. Brian shoots the woman from Junk Road at point blank range to get him to talk, and because they’re friends. He’s a little angry, but decides to help her. He is not indignant at Jean Claude.

Why is it: Here we have to pay tribute to Pierre Morel’s Sense of Efficiency. Faithful to Europacorp, this action technician is one of the best manufacturers in the field. Proof of this is this sequence, which is not offensive, but which puts the image on very quickly. air of national sport. It’s not movie specific (I saw it used very well in Frantic), it’s a crazy thriller stereotype, and despite its improbability, he’s ultimately a hero. It goes well with your personality.

On the other hand, I had to dare to arrange the old movements in the same order. “I emptied your gun without you knowing it”, “Don’t be a junk con artist” and stainless steel “That’s what I shoot at your Zuse”. to this tropism which is repeated in the productions of EuropaCorp. He wants to separate by amputating the female when the two men clash.

In many films the logic of this threat is seen through the ailing girl, but producer Luc Besson returns to it with astonishing frequency, pushing the violence relatively far … but there is no result. So, after a better half of him was stabbed like a strainer by his ex-boyfriend, Jean Claude finally decided to help him. Pépusse.

What happens: Even on vacation, it’s never easy. The Mills family has just arrived in Istanbul, but the villainous villains of the villainous villain first family photograph Abduct Brian and his wife Leonore. Liam Neeson is the hidden son of Chuck Norris and David Copperfield, so he pulls out his cell phone and contacts his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). Unsurprisingly, he asks her to put a grenade in his and throw it in Istanbul and guide him to where he is taken prisoner. In real life it is easier to understand the scene.

Why is it: Our super-consumer society makes us forget the hidden richness of everyday things. Saga photographing Let’s reconnect with those singles. Here we pay homage to Pomegranates are one of the most lunar action scenes in living memory and are objects too often labeled as deadly … For a few minutes, American expatriates throw grenades here and there from the roof of Istanbul, in search of a place where no one is injured.

A metaphor for US imperialism in the Middle East? A veiled critique of mass tourism? Either way, the footage is purely cheerful to watch. With 200% involvement from Maggie Grace and Liam Neeson, Olivier Megaton’s directing is about to expire. But nothing helps. You only need to spend time remembering the teenagers who crowded half of the Turkish city to find their father.

But this is clearly Constantinople’s previous routine, as no one cares and the cop is not showing the tip of his hat. Spraying a freshly exploded tank is boring for people. Turkish spitting, a model of self-sacrifice in the face of the vagaries of life.

What’s Happening: It’s time for Brian to get revenge on the villain who wanted him to take revenge. After all, hand games aren’t necessarily villain games. He proves it in this final action scene where he confronts one of the family’s kidnappers and the Patriarch. An opportunity to show which dish of the hand is heated.

Why is it: How do you shoot action scenes that key stakeholders can’t or don’t want to act out? first, Hire a choreographer and a stuntman (Géant Alain Figlarz), hoping to catch up with the stiffness of the numb actor, so increase the axis until nausea, then a team of editors made up mainly of hyperactive ferrets. . Shake for a few hours and pray that the audience is already asleep when this conflict arises.

For now, the result is closer to the parody of Steven Seagal – from a meta-experience point of view, it’s a deviant feat in itself – our fighters are slaps and other handcuffs offered with a snail momentum. . Sun. It’s hard to distinguish between the choreographic similarities and the threats, so invest in this fighting tapenade. When the hour of murder arrives immeasurably, conflict turns into utter embarrassment.

Since no one really believes they have witnessed anything else “I kiss you, you kiss me with a beard”, Take 2 Complete the self-destruct by grafting overwhelmed legs to the hero. In this way, this excellent Brian quickly finishes off two major antagonists on the back of his hand, instantly turning his neck into mashed quince. It doesn’t make sense, it’s visually cheerful … but still harmless to what Episode 3 has set for us.

What’s Happening: Daddy Brian is visiting his beloved daughter. And to celebrate, he prepared a present. Having said that, seek out the best of all possible worlds, but we are in a twisted world of photography.

Why is it: Kim’s personality has always symbolized that Besson’s work does not properly understand the female personality, especially interaction with men. The screenplay by Luc Besson and Olivier Megaton’s camera is shooting scenes that seem banal in a mess Rarely achieved in the cinema.

Since the first film, this story has hesitated between the very pure treatment of the character of Maggie Grace, the pure angels that hordes of Saracens want to sully, or the sexy debate shaken in front of the audience with satisfaction. Ambiguity that would not be an exception if it were not reproduced … by the character of his father. Therefore, it’s amazing that we are witnessing a father’s love scene filmed as an embarrassing flirtation. Liam Neeson has more sugar than daddy Tries to trick his descendants with champagne and panda stuffed animals.

A pinch of male competition that came out of nowhere between mascuLiam and the gender whipper completes the overall look. Downright silly, but also terribly gay. If Freud’s psychiatry sees the case in this film, there’s no doubt that he will find the highest quality neurotic nodes.

What happens: Police believe Brian killed his ex-wife, but ours Innocent The Butcher was getting ready to Play the Beast with the hapless one and two backs. And Brian doesn’t like to be accused by mistake. Suddenly, he decides to get rid of the monastery, to escape some police cars, and to embark on a large-scale operation of Abex before unfortunately finding the murderer of his beloved and the kind man. who was cold.

Why is it: I’ve seen Brian break his kneecap and Brian burp these enemies, dislocate his arms, break his neck, and even avoid the sound of auxiliary grenades. But this is the first time our superhero has literally ventured to tear apart the quantum web of the universe under Olivier Megaton’s panicked camera. Always in the right place. Admittedly, our leader Tatanur is showing his age, but with a small stride he managed to pass a policeman twice his age and a car that started at full speed.

The madness of the universe when Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan from his happening montage rocked the Interstellar space-time I wouldn’t dare. But nothing stops Shot 3, It goes through the overdrive and makes you believe to this parkour simulation. Currently, there are 8722 planes randomly distributed over 97 axes, with an average duration of 0.87 seconds per plane. A miracle made possible by the overuse of drugs. Many publishers at the expense of reason How can the space of this short scene be so dramatically crushed? Did Liam Neeson really walk hundreds of miles? Did anyone vaguely notice the evolution of what happened during the production of the film?

There are so many mysteries that accompanied this masterpiece of deconstruction. Causes the cheerfulness of many generations For centuries.

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