Two investigations come to animate season 5 of The Art of Crime, to be discovered this Monday, November 22, 2021. For the occasion, Benjamin Egner, Nicolas Gob and Éléonore Bernheim inaugurate a new broadcast day.

After a final behind the scenes of the Moulin-Rouge with an investigation inevitably devoted to one of its most fervent admirers, Toulouse-Lautrec, The Art of Crime is back on France 2 this Monday, November 22, 2021 as a bonus. A new test for Commander Alexandre Pardo, Captain Antoine Verlay but also historian Florence Chassagne, who therefore deserted the Friday night hut.

A real upheaval for the series which had met with great success last season. Indeed, the various episodes of The Art of Crime had met with success, attracting an average of 5 million viewers, or 19.3% of audience share.

For the kick-off of this season 5, in the adventure “A Heart of Stone”, Florence is destabilized when she learns that Antoine wants her to become his best man for his marriage to Juliet. But work takes over when she is contacted by her father, Pierre Chassagne. Indeed, Véronique Béchu, a great admirer of Camille Claudel, has just been assassinated.

The victim was collecting the sculptor’s works and one of them, a bronze print from 1905, was stolen. Is this murder linked to a burglary gone wrong? Héloïse Loumis, a young artist using rifles for her creations, is on the list of suspects.

While the trio Benjamin Egner, Nicolas Gob and Éléonore Bernheim still carry the artistic series, many female guests were asked for this episode: Florence Pernel, Barbara Schulz, Garance Thénault in the skin of the sculptor and Laëtitia Lalle Bi Bénie in that of the suspect.

After this investigation in which the mini-scenarios developed end up interweaving, the public channel proposes to review from 10:15 pm the first investigation of season 3, “A ghost at the opera”, which will delight admirers of the poet Edgar Degas.

With this programming, The Art of Crime confronts … Secrets of History on France 3. TF1 and M6, for their part, draw the TV movie Stolen Service and L’amour est dans le pré, respectively. .

The following week, the second unseen of this season 5 will focus on the murder of an admirer of the painter Eugène Delacroix.