The Antibois Oliv Oliv, a former “yellow vest” who has become a key figure in the fight against the health pass in Nice, has just joined Cyril Hanouna’s program “Touche pas à mon poste”. During his first visit to the set this Monday, August 30, he reiterated his anti-vaccine speech against Matthieu Delormeau.

It is not only Benjamin Griveaux who is making his comeback in the summer. Oliv Oliv (real name Olivier Rohaut) is now a regular columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste”, Cyril Hanouna’s prime time program, broadcast on the C8 channel.

This former “yellow vest”, a key figure in anti-health pass demonstrations on the Côte d’Azur, joins the “PAF Flingueurs”, a new sequence in which four columnists give their opinion on topical issues. At his side, Elisabeth Lévy, Fabrice Di Vizio or even Jean Messiha.

Oliv Oliv has already made a grand entrance on Monday, August 30, during a heated debate with columnist Matthieu Delormeau. The yellow vest challenged the latter on the question of vaccination: “I have just had my test and it is negative. You, you are vaccinated but you may be a carrier of the virus and you will infect me at the end of the show “he told her.

With more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, Oliv Oliv is a personality known to the Azureans. On his page, he defends his positions against the vaccine and the health pass during direct face-to-camera. Its presence has become essential during demonstrations against the health pass in Nice.

Important relay of messages from Yves Fouché, doctor antivax, the former “yellow vest” antibois had affirmed last June on the social networks that primary schools were “already in the process of planning school trips to vaccination centers”. A false news which had earned him to be pinned by Le Monde.

Alexander Samuel, another “yellow vest” from the Riviera, described Oliv Oliv in these words in an interview with Nice-Matin: “I see him as a victim of disinformation. He’s a nice, human guy. I saw him go. when he met Lalanne, then Denis Agret, and he went into this group of disinformers. On the other hand, he wants everyone to be able to speak. “

As he explains in one of his Facebook videos, it is for this free expression that the anti-pass activist has agreed to intervene regularly in Cyril Hanouna’s show.

“Whether you like a presenter or not, who cares. I want to go on a set as long as it’s live. And it’s the only show where we lets us speak live and where we can try to go and defend a little bit everything we defend on the networks and in the street. I think we can reach another audience, through all the people who watch this show “he says.


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