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The announcement of the release date of “Psychonauts 2” could come surprisingly soon after the subloading started on the Xbox app looking forward to the upcoming platformer, experienced a little surprise this week when the option to preload “Psychonauts 2” apparently went live, albeit briefly. It has sparked speculation that the long-awaited sequel might be released earlier than expected.

The ability to pre-load a video game on PC or console usually becomes available within a day or two of the official release date. It was then a nice surprise when the well-known Xbox tipster @ IdleSloth84 found that the download of “Psychonauts 2” on Xbox consoles went online on Wednesday. Specifically, it happened less than an hour after the game’s product page went online in the Microsoft Store.

(FYI) You can now pre-download Psychonauts 2 from the Xbox app !!
Size: 27.7 GB
Credit to @ lHybr1dl for the find ????

The same source noted that the leak was discovered through the Xbox app and there was no option to preload the game directly from Xbox consoles. IdleSloth later showed another screenshot in which they could initiate the download of “Psychonauts 2”, but the game was not available.

However, it seems that setting up the preload option for “Psychonauts 2” was just a tiny bug . The pre-load option for the Xbox app was later removed, but for many fans it was still a happy surprise as developer Double Fine hasn’t announced a specific release date yet.

If anything, the leak only suggests that the official launch of the game could be very imminent. With the Xbox app leak relatively close to E3 2021, it has led to theories that the official release of “Psychonauts 2” could be one of the big surprises Microsoft has planned for next month.

The The story of the first game, Psychonauts, which will be available on Xbox Game Pass on May 13th, was a huge success factor. But fans looking forward to the sequel may have to explore another game before the second title comes out.

Double Fine released a standalone VR game in 2017, Psychonauts in the Rhombus Ruin. Although it wasn’t a full-fledged sequel, its plot still serves as the next chapter of the first game that came out in 2005. The story in “Psychonauts 2” will follow the events of the aforementioned VR title.

Meanwhile, confirmed Double Fine founder Tim Schafer announced that “Psychonauts 2” will fulfill the dream of the main protagonist Raz, to reach the headquarters of the psychonauts. In addition to learning about the “dark” things that happen there, Raz will also learn more about his family background and what the term “girlfriend” really means.

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