Lens makes the hole for Europe, Khazri pushes Bordeaux, Inter on the way to the title, Juve does not let go of Milan, West Ham brings down Leicester … Discover the highlights of Sunday’s matches in Ligue 1 and in Europe.

The results in Ligue 1 (click on the score to read the brief or the article on the match): Rennes 1-0 Nantes, Brest 1-1 Nîmes, Lens 4-1 Lorient, Nice 0-0 Reims, Saint-Etienne 4-1 Bordeaux, Monaco – (5:05 p.m.) Dijon, Lyon – (9 p.m.) Angers.

Main results in Europe: West Ham 3-2 Leicester, Tottenham – (5:30 p.m.) Manchester United, Sheffield – (8 p.m.) Arsenal (Premier League), Inter Milan 1-0 Cagliari, Juventus Turin 3-1 Genoa, Sampdoria 0-2 Napoli, AS Roma – (6 p.m.) Bologna (Serie A), Real Betis – (9 p.m.) Atletico Madrid (Liga).

Find on Maxifoot the results, the scorers, the rankings and the calendars of the main championships.

1. Lens makes the hole for Europe. After the draw between Montpellier and Marseille (3-3) on Saturday, Lens perfectly seized the opportunity to make the hole against Lorient (4-1) in Ligue 1. Despite the rapid equalization of Moffi (29th) following Kakuta’s opening scoring (16th, sp), the Lensois managed to win thanks to Jean (39th), Kalimuendo (55th) then Banza (88th, sp). With this success, RCL consolidates its 5th place with now 3 points ahead of OM, 6th.

2. With a hat-trick, Khazri plays a nasty trick in Bordeaux. 9 defeats in the last 11 matches in Ligue 1 for Bordeaux… On the lawn of AS Saint-Etienne, the Girondins were overthrown (1-4). Despite the opening of the score of Hwang (9th sp), the Aquitains were punished by a former member of the house: Khazri (19th sp, 23rd, 72nd sp), author of a hat-trick! At the end of the game, Youssou (82nd) ​​added to the bill. In the standings, ASSE gives air to 13th place, while Bordeaux falls to 15th place.

3. Inter Milan are heading for the title! In the title race, Inter Milan continues to prance in the lead! The Milan club got the better of Cagliari (1-0) in Serie A. Long in check, Antonio Conte’s men were finally released by a goal from Darmian (77th). In the standings, Inter obviously remains in first place, with 11 points ahead of Milan, 2nd.

4. Juve do not let go of Milan. Under pressure after AC Milan’s victory against Parma (3-1) on Saturday, Juventus Turin responded to Genoa (3-1) in Serie A. Perfectly launched by goals from Kulusevski (4th) and Morata (22nd) , the Turinese then conceded an achievement by Scamacca (49th). But ultimately, McKennie (70th) sealed the success of the Old Lady. In the standings, Juve remains 3rd, 1 point behind AC Milan, 2nd, but 12 behind the leader, Inter Milan.

5. Terrier has unlocked the Breton derby. During a long closed game, Rennes finally beat Nantes (1-0) in Ligue 1. Uninspired on the offensive plan despite a big domination, the Rennais unblocked the situation with a superb curled shot from Terrier (52nd). In the standings, Rennes, 7th, is back in the race for Europe, while Nantes, 19th, worries. To read the full analysis of the game, it’s here.

6. West Ham brings down Leicester. In a shock for qualifying for the Champions League, West Ham beat Leicester (3-2) in the Premier League. Author of a double, Lingard (29th, 44th) perfectly launched the Hammers. Upon returning from the locker room, Bowen (48th) hit the nail on the head. But at the end of the game, the Foxes reacted with a double from Iheanacho (70th, 90th). Awakening too late. In the standings, Leicester remains 3rd, but West Ham, 4th, comes down to just 1 point.

7. Brest-Nîmes, a draw that does not help anyone. During an important match in the race to maintain, Brest and Nîmes failed to decide (1-1) in Ligue 1. After the opening of the quick score of Koné (11th), the Brestois quickly responded with the equalizer of Chardonnet (26th). Subsequently, despite a domination of the premises, the score did not change. A result that does not suit Brest, 16th, and Nîmes, 18th.

8. Nice-Reims, a too closed match… A sad spectacle on the occasion of the match between Nice and Reims (0-0) in Ligue 1. If the Aiglons tried to win the game at the start of the match, a fake rhythm quickly set in with very rare occasions and a lot of technical waste on the part of the two teams. Le Gym, 9th, and Reims, 12th, remain in the soft underbelly of the standings.

9. Naples remains in the race. In Serie A, Naples provided the essentials on the lawn of Sampdoria (2-0). After Ruiz’s opener (35th), the Neapolitans waited until the end of the game to make the break through Osimhen (87th). In the standings, Naples provisionally occupies 4th place.

Find on Maxifoot the results, the scorers, the rankings and the calendars of the main championships.

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