Frothy slime gushes on Damien Desrower’s hand as he lightly rubs one of the thousands of snails he keeps in an enclosure in his backyard.

The 28-year-old French craftsman started making gastropod fluid in December Making bars of soap that he sells in local markets.

“It all depends on your skill in how you tickle,” Desrocher said as he extracted the slime, noting that the process doesn’t kill the animals. “I just touch it with my finger, you see, it’s not violent, it’s easy.”

Desrocher, a former Air Force computer technician, decided to breed snails in the northern French town of Wahagnies in order to “get back to nature “.

” As soon as you watch and see how snails behave, they are actually very adorable, “he said. “It really is an animal that I love.”

He raised a total of 60,000 snails. At the beginning of their breeding season, most are moved to a larger location, while around 4,000 are kept in an enclosure in his house to harvest the slime.

A single snail provides about 2 grams of slime, which means that it is roughly It takes 40 snails to make 80 grams – enough to make 15 100 gram bars of soap.

Although snail slime is uncommon in Western cosmetics, it’s more common elsewhere, including in Korean beauty products made for its antiaging properties are known.

Desrocher said mucus contained molecules of collagen and elastin that have antiaging and skin healing properties. Of course, snails also use their slime to repair their shells when they’re damaged, he said.

Desrocher said he plans to produce 3,000 slime bars of slime in his first year of production.

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