New feat for Bruno in “Les 12 coups de Midi” this Monday May 31st. The candidate has discovered his mysterious sixth star. But who was it?

A new star … Bruno, the fourth greatest midi master of the 12 Coups de Midi program, never ceases to amaze Jean-Luc Reichmann and viewers. The candidate achieved, this Monday, May 31, a new feat by winning his sixth mysterious star. He also won a showcase worth 26,322 euros in gifts. “Here are the twelve blows and normally, our friend Bruno has the mysterious person”, launches first Jean-Luc Reichmann before explaining, at the same time as the twelve blows resound: “He has been annoyed since yesterday but apparently he gave the response to candidates “. It is then with a big smile on his lips that Bruno indicates: “I will propose Maud Fontenoy” before adding: “She is the first woman to have crossed the Atlantic by rowing”. A sixth star won for the candidate, whose prize pool now amounts to 594,724 euros in gifts and winnings. Will he manage to get the seventh soon?

Size clues. To win this sixth star, Bruno relied on the clues he could see on the screen. There was therefore the compass, at the bottom right of the image, which recalled the profession of the young woman. But also the little red horse for his passion for horses, the keys that evoke his father, the CEO of a real estate group. We could also see the seal recalling the ecological commitment of Maud Fontenoy but also the tour of Antarctica that she was able to perform, the radio concerning her broadcast on Europe 1, the frangipani flower to evoke her life in Tahiti but also the place where her four children were born. Finally, the general decoration of the star symbolizes the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region of which she is vice president. Convinced of having recognized the personality during the show of May 29, the candidate had not hesitated to give the answer to his competitors behind the scenes. “A first in the history of the game” according to Jean-Luc Reichmann but which therefore allowed Bruno to achieve a new feat.

On his Twitter account, Jean-Luc Reichmann shared the moment when Bruno won his sixth star. Very proud of his candidate, he wrote: “DINGO! A 6th star for Bruno !!”. In the comments, many Internet users did not hesitate to congratulate the young man. “Bravo to Bruno for his 6th star. A great midday master, always a pleasure to see you at midday”, “BRAVO !! An excellent player …” or even “I support you every day”, can we? read. Messages that will please the main concerned.

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