A new mysterious Star was at stake in Les 12 Coups de midi, since May 7, 2021. Bruno, the current Grand Maître de midi of Jean-Luc Reichmann, managed to win this showcase (his sixth!) By identifying the star hidden …

This Monday, May 31, 2021, Bruno, the fourth greatest Noon Master of the 12 Coups de midi, managed to achieve a new feat by winning his sixth mysterious Star in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s daily game. A showcase worth 26,322 euros in gifts, which had been in play since May 7. But there was no question for him this time of not recognizing the hidden star, as had been the case the previous time: the candidate managed to identify the star, while all the boxes had now disappeared (he had accustomed viewers, during his first Stars, to give the correct answers long before the grid and the clues were fully revealed).

The young man, who just celebrated his birthday on the show’s set on May 29, was convinced he had recognized the personality during the show. He even had fun giving the right answer to his competitors, backstage. Something to surprise Jean-Luc Reichmann: “This is the first time that a candidate has done that”, admitted the host, with amazement, during the broadcast. Confident in himself, Bruno therefore recognized the sailor Maud Fontenoy, the first woman to paddle the Atlantic. This is how the clues could be analyzed: the compass, at the bottom right of the image, clearly recalled his profession; the little red horse evoked his passion for horses; the keys were linked to his father, who is none other than the Chairman and CEO of a real estate group; the seal could be linked to its ecological commitment but reminded here that it had toured Antarctica; the radio reported that she had hosted a program on Europe 1; the backdrop symbolized the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region of which she is vice-president; the frangipani flower finally underlined that she had lived in Tahiti and that her four children were born there.

Bruno’s total prize pool, who for the first time did not win any winnings during the “Coup de Maître” event, now reaches 594,724 euros in gifts and winnings. Will he manage to win a mysterious seventh Star, and thus equalize the record of the current number one of the 12 Coups de midi?

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