He never stops breaking records. Now the greatest champion of the “12 blows of noon” of TF1, Bruno this time achieved a unique performance in the history of television. By succeeding in overtaking his competitors again this Saturday, the 30-something Toulouse has won a 214th consecration and the title of world record holder for individual victories in a game on the small screen. He thus precedes another French, Marie-Christine Aloui Soulimani, who had triumphed in “Everyone wants to take his place” on France 2 between April and December 2018.

A performance that has not yet been validated by Guinness World Records, responsible for approving these unprecedented results and which, currently, does not separate individual and group victories. “A request has been made, we confirm within the production, where we are hopeful that Bruno’s triumph will be officially recognized. But it can take up to twelve weeks before you have a validation. “

In the meantime, Marie-Christine remains one step ahead of Bruno on one final criterion. “She still has the record for participations, with a few days in advance (Editor’s note: in Everyone wants to take their place, the defeated champions can keep their place against a sum of money)”, indicated Bruno at the beginning of ’emission. A record that could be broken soon, his comrade having remained 218 days in the game of France 2.

In terms of wins, Bruno is far ahead of the champion of the Deux as he is currently the third-biggest French champion. The one who is nicknamed “Fifou dingo” on the air has thus accumulated 906,634 euros in his pot to date. However, he is getting closer to Marie Friedel, who died in 2014, defending champion with a million euros won in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” »With Jean-Pierre Foucault in 2004 on TF 1. It is followed by Eric of« Douze coups de midi », with 921,316 euros of earnings on the clock, between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. A record which could soon fall, except if Bruno stumbled in the days to come.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr