The trailers and then the extracts from the PC version made me dream. Instantly. While driving, I have as many qualifications as a baby seal, I couldn’t wait to take off. It is also necessary that the console version is up to the task. And what about the joystick controls? This is what I suggest you discover in the Microsoft Flight Simulator test.

After a long loading time like never seen on Series X, a main menu probably from the PC version invites us to try a discovery flight. New York, Rio, Bora Bora, so many dream postcards to visit without the hassle on board a small plane. Already exhilarating and bluffing (videos of the S and X Series are available on our Youtube channel). This appetizer is somewhat reminiscent of a “demo mode”, with our zinc directly in the air, with good weather. Ideal entry point before going to the obvious. A plane in MFS as in reality, it takes an infinite amount of time to master. As proof, there is no tutorial but rather a comprehensive training program. From that point of view, too, it’s dizzying.

From the tachometer to the pitch compensator, the formation is vast and dense. No less than twenty-two are available! But rest assured, an instructor with a soft and reassuring voice accompanies and guides these little exercises step by step. And this hammer that driving requires smoothness, that you must not steer too sharply or accelerate or brake suddenly etc. You have to go piano, zen and relaxed. Either way, you’re bound to be listening to background music. Looks like Vangelis. Take it easy.

Those who just want to fly without taking themselves too seriously or too much into the game, the accessibility and aids are such that it is quite possible and pleasant. Just place a dot on the map, choose your plane, and you’re good to go. From the smallest and simplest to the A380, there are 24 airplanes in your hangar as a base! There are also some that allow you to land on the water. Not yet tried. I haven’t passed my standard landing training yet. So in terms of the landing …

The playing field is the whole world. Quite simply. Quite simply, but after a few introductory flights and when it comes time to choose a starting point, this gigantic range of possibilities is somewhat frightening and intimidating. And then I remembered making a list of must-see destinations and monuments. Like everyone else, right? In the first place of course, I wanted to pass over my home. And what was my surprise to discover that the airfield near my home was available for take off! The opportunity to discover that the sum of start / finish points is absolutely considerable. I would like to know the number, it must be there too alarming.

Discovery flights have a Whoua effect! It’s undeniable and is a great introduction. And the craziest thing is that this feeling continues even in the most innocuous corners at first glance. A tour de force. The impression of photorealism does not dissipate until close to the ground. And you only have to look up to the sky to continue to be amazed. The weather synchronized with the real world has its effect.

The joystick controls are suitable for beginners. As long as you have one not too worn out. Mine is starting to have teasing sticks and setting the engine thrust to the seal is sometimes tricky. But with the flight aids, no disaster in sight for the moment. For pilots (who are not on MFS on PC ^^), it is certain that the controller can be frustrating and not suitable at all in the long run. Does the announcement of dedicated accessories at the end of the year reassure them?

In fact, after ten hours of playing, I’m still an absolute beginner. And I barely measure the work involved in being ready to remove the flight aids. But that time was enough for me to be captivated by MFS. From role play to arcade mode with all the helpers, MFS manages to reach out to everyone and leaves no one behind.

Especially not friends? Well, for the moment it is rather difficult to find oneself. It takes coordination! For now, forming a group is not very ergonomic. When the leader launches a flight, this does not invite the rest of the group to join him, for example. Pity. To see after the official release of MFS. Or we missed something with Nico. Nevertheless, we were able to fly over Paris for forty minutes without worry, always marveling at the beauty of the spectacle.

With this zen side, this soft and soothing music, each flight is an opportunity to relax, to take your time. This contrasts sharply with the cold, mechanical and sharp side that aeronautics inspires a priori. This big gap is fascinating and successful. For a pure and harsh simulation, MFS exudes a unique aura, as a total and permanent testimony that the Earth is sumptuous, wonderful and what deserves our respect. Finally.

From this mechanical thunder and this howling metal emerges a certain and unsuspected poetry. We dream of flying over Stonehenge or the Great Wall of China, the Iguazü Falls or Mont Blanc. To admire the wonders of Nature and human genius. Besides, can we deplore its gluttony? I haven’t hovered over the Amazon, or Chernobyl yet, but it’s definitely on my list of future flyovers. And just telling my colleagues at Xboxsquad the list goes on. Iceland here, Eritrea there … So I realize that I am focusing on travel because technically Microsoft Flight Simulator is an exceptional demonstration, a sensational slap and unparalleled. Other than the initial load time, I have no problem with it at all. And still that would be nitpicking. Ah yes, the joystick controls will undoubtedly be a little light, frustrating and limiting for the more seasoned of us. Nevertheless accessible, from the expert to the simple tourist like me, the title allows even the most avid to learn how to do it thanks to numerous and precise tutorials, accompanying the student pilot step by step. In short, No reason not to get carried away.

Depending on where you are located, urban density and height difference, the location of buildings can vary greatly. A big city can be very detailed and quite precise when a small, little-known town can look like a hasty assemblage of a few houses when there wasn’t much to do to make it perfectly realistic. In some cases it is imprecise as soon as you get close, in others it is oddly very faithful when you are in the middle of nowhere. To test, you will tell us 😉

I can’t wait to compare it to X Plane as a flight model. So far I feel like I’ve seen more players “play” with the game configured as “simple / very easy” rather than a real aerial simulation.

A small correction: It seems to me that it is the Iguazü Falls that you wanted to talk about. Thank you for the test and can’t wait to take advantage of it …

ah complement! thank you for the remark and for Lynx’s eye 🙂 I will correct this right away

Looking forward to see you tomorrow since the time that I haven’t played an airplane game other than Ace Combat 7 which I didn’t think was crazy. Besides, I should get my Thrustmater Hotas tomorrow too, youhou. The only thing that disappoints me a bit is how little life there is on the ground. A car every 5 minutes in the capital, it’s a bit of a task …

Oh well, far from there 🙂 we can see a lot of cars passing by, but the traffic density can be configured in the menus 🙂

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