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Tesla is looking for someone to run his Autobidder powered energy trading desk.

Say “Tesla” and most will think of electric cars. But Tesla is also an energy company. It has built some of the largest battery storage systems in the world and operates a vast microgrid that will eventually include 50,000 rooftop solar systems linked to residential storage batteries in Australia. It has competed as an energy supplier in the UK and Texas. And now Reuters plans to build an energy trading team based on a post on LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn filing was created by Julian Lamy, who describes himself as the lead optimization software engineer for Tesla. “I’m building a new team at Tesla that will focus on energy trading and market operations,” he says. The position requires expertise in the wholesale electricity markets and the candidate will, according to the job posting, “lead trading and real-time operations for battery, solar and wind projects participating in the wholesale markets”.

What is Autobider? For the answer to that, we turn to the Tesla website. It says: “Autobidder offers independent electricity producers, utility companies and capital partners the opportunity to monetize battery systems autonomously. Autobidder is a real-time trading and control platform that provides value-based asset management and portfolio optimization, and enables owners and operators to configure operating strategies that maximize revenue based on their business objectives and risk preferences. “

Tesla continues:” Autobidder is Part of Autonomous Control, Tesla’s suite of optimization software solutions. [It] does business successfully in the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia and has increased competition through market bids to lower energy prices. “

Keen readers will focus on the words” independent power generators “in the first sentence. They may imply that Autobidder will enable nontraditional energy producers, usually those with solar roof systems, to more easily enter the wider utility market – something that many utility companies are not too keen on.

“Batteries are highly flexible assets, but they require intelligent strategies and software to develop their full value, ”says Tesla. “Autobidder enables owners to realize this value by handling the complex co-optimization required to successfully stack multiple value streams simultaneously, including:

” Autobidder’s algorithms are adaptable to new markets and services and are continuously improved through empirical data to maintain high financial performance in dynamic market environments. Autobidder is designed to work with and expand the skills of human operators. Autobidder continuously carries out transactions in the market using a numerical optimization model based on parameters set and adjusted by a human operator and reflecting the preferences of the trading desk Desk is responsible. Tesla goes on to say that customers who use Autobidder will continue to enjoy the full Tesla warranty on their batteries.

Coincidentally, today’s email from Bloomberg Green is all about using artificial intelligence to manage the Power grid and how it will change the dynamics that have become the standard over the past 100 years. In that email, Nathaniel Bullard says, “The future will not just involve moving from power systems with hundreds or thousands of large generators to systems with millions of small solar projects and wind turbines. It will also include hundreds of millions of connected electric vehicles and potentially billions of connected sources of energy – things like lighting systems, boilers, and heat pumps.

“Their connections have an obvious value, from informing operators about terms and conditions to transactions between the parties. Energy transition networks on the scale of billions of things will be too large to be operated only by humans. They’ll need artificial intelligence. ”It sounds like Tesla has already recognized this trend and is developing new systems to manage the multiple parameters that will characterize decentralized minigrids and microgrids. My colleague Kyle Field sums it up nicely in a tweet:

This is huge. Tesla is making a serious massive push not only to manage energy storage, but also to be a comprehensive network service provider.

“A new whitepaper from my BloombergNEF colleagues, the German Energy Agency and the World Economic Forum outlines 15 functions that AI for the energy transition, ”adds Bullard. “Many of these are enhancements to existing industrial functions businesses use today, from asset optimization and demand forecasting for electricity generation from renewable sources to the design and monitoring of power grids.” The graph showing these benefits is on top of this Page.

Tesla is clearly poised to lead the decentralized renewable energy revolution as it prepares to significantly disrupt another industry. Elon Musk said he expects revenue for the energy side of Tesla’s business to equal or exceed revenue from vehicle sales. Energy trading will play an important role in this.

Steve writes on the intersection between technology and sustainability from his homes in Florida and Connecticut, or wherever the singularity might lead him. You can follow him on Twitter, but not on social media platforms run by evil overlords like Facebook.

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