Westerners call for leaving Kabul airport due to “terrorist threats”. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom have called on their nationals to move away from Kabul airport as soon as possible due to “threats” Terrorists while thousands of people still congregate there in the hope of fleeing the country fallen to the hands of the Taliban. The warnings come as U.S. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken had recently assured the Taliban that the Taliban had pledged to let Americans and Afghans at risk still in the country go. the country after the August 31 deadline. “The Taliban have made commitments in public and in private to provide and enable safe passage for Americans, other foreigners, and Afghans at risk, in the future after August 31. “T”, he said. Our article.

In Brazil, thousands of natives marching to the Supreme Court for their lands. Thousands of indigenous people in traditional clothes demonstrated in Brasilia on Wednesday, where the Supreme Court was due to deliver a crucial judgment on their ancestral lands. Some 6,000 members from 170 tribes have left for the seat of Brazil’s highest court, hoping to put pressure on its eleven judges. It is the most important demonstration of indigenous people ever organized in Brazil, according to the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib), which coordinates the mobilization. Since Sunday, thousands of indigenous people with often painted bodies have pitched tents, singing and dancing near the modernist buildings of the Presidential Palace, the Supreme Court and the Parliament. The court postponed until Thursday at the earliest its judgment on these ancestral lands, the discussion on another case being prolonged Wednesday.

In Guadeloupe, confinement extended until September 19. Containment is extended until September 19 in Guadeloupe to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the island. The epidemic is experiencing a “slight decrease” but still remains “worrying”, indicated Valérie Denux, general manager of the? ??? Regional health agency of Guadeloupe. “It seems that we have passed the peak of contaminations” but the peak of hospitalizations is still lagging by several days, she added. During the week ended August 22, fewer than 6,000 new cases of Covid-19 were identified while 336 people were hospitalized, according to the health bulletin distributed by the authorities.

Australia records more than a thousand contaminations in twenty-four hours for the first time. Australia has recorded more than a thousand coronavirus infections, a first since the start of the pandemic due to the spread of the delta variant in Sydney. New South Wales, a state that includes Sydney, recorded a record 1,039 cases in twenty-four hours. The wave that started in the country’s largest city in mid-June has more than 15,000 infections and is spreading to smaller towns, prompting the return of restrictions and confinements in South West Australia. Despite these rising numbers and increasing pressure on hospitals, Prime Minister of State Gladys Berejiklian has announced a slight easing of restrictions on those vaccinated to leave. from mid-September.

Nice-OM incidents: first disciplinary sanctions against Nice and OM. Three days after the evening in Nice, ended in chaos even on the lawn of the Ligue 1 stadium, the LFP pronounced Wednesday evening the first disciplinary sanctions against the two clubs involved in the Allianz Riviera incidents on Sunday: a Marseille staff member has been suspended and the next Nice match will be played behind closed doors. Further sanctions are expected to follow on September 8, while the Nice supporter accused of kicking Dimitri Payet in the incidents will finally be tried on September 22. .

Bankrupting in the face of a new return under the seal of the health crisis. Close as few classes as possible and preserve the schooling of students: the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, presents this Thursday the return of the year 2021-2022, once again upset by the Covid-19, hoping to reconcile these two objectives. This meeting should allow him to answer the questions that still hover over the return on September 2 in the classes of 12.4 million students and 866 to 500 teachers, At a time when the circulation of the Delta variant is causing concern for the school. For a return “as normal as possible”, the ministry has opted for scenario 2 (out of four) of the health protocol, allowing all students to be received in presidential. In addition to the health component, Jean-Michel Blanquer is expected on the issue of teachers’ salaries. He must detail the new increase of 245 million euros in 2022 announced at the end of May.

Emmanuel Macron is making his European comeback in Ireland. Emmanuel Macron, who is banking on the future French presidency of the European Union to boost his probable re-election campaign, is expected this Thursday in Dublin to make his comeback. European scene. Ireland is one of the last four EU countries remaining to be visited by the Head of State since the start of his five-year term, along with Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, where he hopes to visit in the coming months. At the end of autumn, France will present its priorities for the presidency of the EU, which it will hold in the first half of 2022. They should revolve around the post-Covid revival, European sovereignty, the reform of the Schengen agreements or the asylum-immigration pact.

While the High Authority for Health (HAS) now recommends a third dose of vaccine for those over 65 and people with comorbidities, nearly 117,000,000 immunocompromised people have already been injected three times. Liberation spoke with several of them.

The Prefect of Bas-Rhin, Josiane Chevalier, confirmed on Wednesday the reception of 150 Afghans, as requested by the environmentalist mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian. A decision welcomed by the associations, who are however worried about the future.

The OnlyFans site announced this Wednesday that it is going back on its decision to ban sexually explicit content. For sociologist Pierre Brasseur, the platform is divided between its desire to satisfy its banking partners and that of keeping its community, made up in part of sex workers.

We had a date with a near-retiree. In his “cocoon” ???? an imposing hut lost in the middle of the fields about twenty minutes from Blois (Loir-et-Cher) â ????, Marie-Amà © lie Le Fur receives on this sweet afternoon in ?? in August, smile on the lips and the French Olympic team t-shirt on the back. She apologizes straight away for the “mess” as she strides through her house. Stacked in a corner of his living room, a few boxes bearing the “Tokyo” logo bear witness to the great start to come. In three days, the athlete will fly to Japan, where she will play at 32 her last Paralympic Games. Before pulling his reverence. Read more here.

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