Getting to Innsbruck via Germany will have been quite an adventure. The charm of the Davis Cup probably … But I preferred the father to Dracula – allusion to a Romania-France in Sibiu, in Transylnania in 2008 â ???? that six o’clock stranded on a motorway in a car that didn’t move forward as we approached a padlocked Austrian border. Twenty years from now, I will never forget where I was in a Manchester City-PSG Champions League group match.

The containment decreed by the government has caused huge traffic jams. Rarely have so many heavy goods vehicles been seen on a highway. Some people don’t hesitate to roll over to spend the night. In short, this Munich-Innsbruck will remain on the hard drive.

If he prefers legendary matches at the Olympic Hall in Innsbruck, why not, but it is possible to doubt it. While in Turin and Madrid, the players will experience meetings in front of well-stocked stands, the six designated countries can curse the (bad) fate. For his first selection, Arthur Rinderknech  will perform a mental transfer of his College years in Texas where he defended the colors of his University in crazy atmospheres. A thought also for Hugo Gaston, forced to play the sixth man on the bench with the mask on his faceâ ?? ¦

Paradoxically, the press room is far from being a mortuary. Between the teams of comâ ???? from the six countries present in Innsbruck, agency photographers â ???? the only accredited â ???? and the few journalists, it lives. Nothing to do, of course, with the atmosphere of a Davis Cup final, where things are swarming everywhere. The week preceding the launch of the famous France-Switzerland final in 2014, at the Pierre Mauroy Stadium, remains a magical memory. False rumors, speculations on Roger Federer’s back injury, chambering between colleagues: that’s what we loved about this event.

Containment of the country requires, the International Federation has only tolerated the radio commentators on the spot. RMC having said banco, I therefore found my Czech colleague and the special envoy of the BBC. The cabin is spartan, the view is partly blocked by a cable that supports the display panel but, these days, we’re not going to complain.

The ice rink has been set up to accommodate 6,000 spectators. All the tickets had been sold. Just like the hospitality-VIPs. The government announcement, made official six days ago, was seen as a disaster by the organizers.

Two years ago, in Madrid, for the France-Japan match – ???? programmed on a short annex of the Caja Magica – we had counted 200 spectators. The Marseillaise had been painfully lived. We don’t dare imagine the atmosphere at 4 p.m.

There are two ways for the Blues to “flee” Innsbruck to find life in Madrid. The fastest is also the riskiest. He would have to be picked from the top two runners-up of the six pools to go to a quarter-final on Wednesday or Thursday in Madrid. What if the Blues win both matches? They are “condemned” to stay a few more days in Austria. For, why not, defy the Serbia of Novak Djokovic. Talk about a privilege ?? ¦

The Davis Cup has lost a lot of its appeal in recent years. If, in addition, it becomes incomprehensible to the general public… The last genius idea of ​​the Kosmos group of Gerard Pique would be to move the finals to Abu Dhabi.