In Tennessee, a shopkeeper who sells hats suffered a torrent of hatred after offering yellow stars for sale to unvaccinated people. For its part, the giant Amazon had to hastily withdraw a star-studded T-shirt.

In Tennessee, a Nashville shopkeeper who owns a hat-selling establishment sparked strong reactions by offering for sale a yellow star similar to the one attributed to Jews under Nazi Germany. This star is addressed to people who do not wish to be vaccinated since an inscription “not vaccinated” is affixed to it.

On the Instagram page of her store (hatWRKS) the shopkeeper posted a photo of her with this badge on May 28 to promote it. While the post has since been deleted, screenshots quickly toured the web, sparking a torrent of condemnation and outrage around the store and its owner Gigi Gaskins.

In response to all the criticisms leveled at it, the store released another post a little later wondering if people outraged by this post were also outraged by the “tyranny” the world was experiencing by referring to government restrictions. and health measures imposed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The manager also felt that she respected history much more by standing “alongside those who have fallen in combat” than by remaining in silence and conformity.

On May 29, however, several demonstrators went to the owner’s store to express their discontent by displaying a poster: “No Nazis in Nashville!” The trader’s initiative was also punished by her business partners under the pressure of numerous calls for a boycott. “Due to the offensive content and opinions shared by HatWRKS in Nashville, Stetson and our channel partners will cease selling all Stetson products” at this store, said the US company, which was once the largest hat company in the country. world, adding that it “condemns anti-Semitism and discrimination of all kinds.”

Protest happening now outside of HatWRKS following controversial Instagram post that showed the shop’s owner wearing a yellow patch resembling the Star of David that read the words “not vaccinated”. @WKRN

Australian manufacturer Akubra Hats was also quick to distance itself from the store, stating that “the content, opinions and value of this reseller are not those shared by Akubra and, accordingly, we have taken steps to stop doing business with them ”. Bailey Hats also said that “our client’s use of the Star of David as a statement against vaccination was not only callous, but disrespectful and wrong. We have encouraged our client to sincerely apologize for her mistake and have suspended her account in the meantime. ”

Store owner Gigi Gaskins, who has repeatedly tried to explain her approach, finally apologized on May 29. “In no way was I going to trivialize the Star of David or disrespect what happened to millions of people […] I sincerely apologize for any insensitivity,” he said. she said in an Instagram post. “My intention was not to exploit or make a profit. My intention was to share my concern and my sincere fear and do all I can to make sure that nothing like this happens again, ”she said, deleting the original Instagram post in which she was promoting his yellow star. On May 30 on Instagram, she completed her remarks by denouncing the “ocean of irrationality” in which the world bathes and by specifying that she had fought all her life against “the totalitarian march and the accumulation of power that we see beyond the planet ”.

As BFM TV reports, the online giant Amazon has also been at the center of a lot of outrage after offering for sale (for a few hours) a T-shirt with a yellow star for unvaccinated people. On this black T-shirt flocked with a yellow star is written the words “not vaccinated”. In a tweet, the American Seamus Blackley who is one of the creators of Microsoft’s first Xbox and which is followed by nearly 65,000 people called out the American giant by threatening to never use Amazon’s services again if the product was not removed within 24 hours. A public threat that will not have been lucky since the online giant has decided to remove this product for sale a few hours after the publication of Seamus Blackley. In another post released on May 30, he welcomes Amazon’s decision and thanks everyone who helped get this product removed.

In the United States, is the yellow star becoming a controversial symbol of individuals who do not wish to be vaccinated, considering that the health pass like most health measures put in place to fight against Covid-19 were discriminatory measures? Earlier this week, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene compared the requirements for workplace vaccination to the Nazi star.

In France, interviewed by RT France, the comedian Jean-Marie Bigard who participated in a demonstration against the health pass on May 22 in Paris, considered that this document was a “national disgrace”, comparing this device to the yellow star which was affixed to the breasts of the Jews. The comedian also wondered why the vaccinated people did not carry such a sign since it was undoubtedly “much more practical”.

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