Telstra (TLS) is advancing its legal restructuring plans to complete the move by December this year.

The changes will enable the company to better enhance the value of its infrastructure assets Realize, leverage monetization opportunities and create additional value for shareholders.

Under the proposed structure, InfraCo Fixed should own and operate Telstra’s passive or physical infrastructure resources, including the channels, Fiber optics, data centers, and central offices on which the fixed telecommunications network is based.

In the meantime, InfraCo Towers will own and operate the company’s passive or physical mobile tower assets that Telstra aims to monetize.

Beyond that ServeCo would own the active parts of the network within the framework of the structure, including the radio access network and the frequency stocks, in order to s I ensure that Telstra continues to maintain its cellular coverage.

Telstra intends to develop its international business under a separate subsidiary within the Telstra Group in order to keep this part of the business – including the submarine cables – together as a single entity.

The company will expand its international assets Transferred to the new subsidiary over time, subject to the approval and engagement of the stakeholders.

In addition to the creation of the above subsidiaries, the structure provides for the creation of a new holding company for the Telstra Group.

The formation of this new holding company is taking place in addition to the transfer of the relevant assets to ServeCo under agreements for which Telstra would like to obtain the approval of the shareholders at its general meeting in October.

After the reorganization, shareholders will own shares in the new holding company on a like-for-like basis without any change in ownership.

Telstra says it will continue to speak with stakeholders about the proposal a system brochure is and is expected to be published in early September.

John Mullen, Chairman of Telstra, said realizing more value from the company’s infrastructure is a fundamental pillar of Telstra’s T22 strategy.

“Even before the COVID pandemic hits us Recalling the tremendous importance of telecommunications infrastructure worldwide, we could see the opportunity to create transparency about our assets and create value for shareholders, “he said.

” The legal reorganization is a step in the right direction It also reflects the new post-COVID world we live in and the fact that our wealth is a critical part of the infrastructure that enables the country’s rapidly growing digital economy, ”continued John continued.

Andrew Penn, Telstra CEO, said the new legal structure will be a major milestone in the T22 strategy.

“We started setting up InfraCo almost three years ago, and what since What happened has only reinforced the importance of the strategic decisions we made at the time, “said Andrew.

” The new structure was chosen because it was a modern, optimal long-term portfolio structure for the company Telstra group of companies that maximizes the flexibility and value realization of our assets and delivers optimal results for the entire Telstra group. “

” We plan to start the process for external strategic investments in InfraCo Towers at the beginning of the business To begin in 2022. Brilliant offers are expected to be submitted in the second quarter, “added CEO Andrew Penn.